..Selling bitcoin can be very profitable.

Paxful has just introduced a specialized dashboard just for vendors. It is loaded with reports and analytics that our vendors have been requesting. We listen to our vendors here at Paxful because a marketplace is nothing without the people who sell there.

Vendors are half of the peers in the P2P equation that is the Paxful marketplace. The vendors take most of the risk as bitcoin cannot be reversed should the fiat transfer they were paid with be charged back by a scammer. The more tools and information we can give vendors the better off everyone is and the lower prices buyers will get as vendors will not have to mark up prices to offset risks.

In the future, we will be working hard to create a more responsive feedback loop between us and the vendors who make the market. Responsiveness and good service will be given priority over price and the whole market should improve even more. The world is only now learning about just how lucrative and fun being a Paxful vendor is and the sky is the limit.

Just log into your normal Paxful dashboard and if you have ever sold bitcoins it will ask you if you are a vendor, once you accept the Terms of Service you will go to the special vendor dashboard and be given more perks.