Vendor Reminder of Terms of Service

  1. This Vendor Reminder of Terms of Service is meant to serve as a reminder, and does not replace, the Paxful’s Terms of Service.
  2. As a vendor you accept ALL risk and liabilities for any FRAUD incurred through the sale of bitcoin.
  3. All taxes to be paid are your responsibility.
  4. Information on our fees can be found here.
  5. Paxful will not reimburse any loses from fraud and our escrow fee will not be refunded.
  6. No brokering of gift cards is allowed.
  7. No trades outside of escrow are allowed. No exchange of outside contact information is allowed.
  8. You must be instantly responsive to your customers or else deactivate your offers.
  9. You must use the Report scam on completed trade page to report any scams. Do not contact support with requests to cancel trades, simply file a dispute and wait for a moderator.
  10. Paxful is not responsible if you don't redeem gift card before you release bitcoins when buyer uses it before you.
  11. Any advertisement of your own website placed in any section of Paxful such as your bio, offer terms or trade chat where buying or selling bitcoins is conducted without Paxful escrow is strictly prohibited. If you are a registered company, advertising your company name is allowed. It is allowed to share your website that is created solely for the buyer to finish trade and that is tied to your Paxful trade escrow (i.e trusted 3rd party debit/credit card processing).
  12. Having multiple accounts within same payment method category is against the rules and will lead to a permanent ban.