Previously, cryptocurrency sellers paid a 5% fee to Paxful when buying any gift card with BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC. Now, you’ll only pay a dramatically reduced fee of 1%.

For 3 months from today, gift card sellers also get a 1% incentive on every gift card sale for cryptocurrency on Paxful.

For Gift Card Buyers: Our Lowest Ever Fees on All Cards

Gift cards have uses you’d never imagine. From facilitating international in-game item trading to helping Vietnamese luxury lovers access their favorite brands, Paxful has been a proud home for the global gift card economy for a long time. Today, we’ve giving your home a big upgrade: 

Paxful is lowering all fees on gift card trades to 1%, for a huge reduction from the “industry-standard” 5%.

We’ve listened to your feedback and heard you clearly on fees. We’re proud to deliver the independent escrow, dispute resolution, broad global access and diverse payment method support you continue to trust and rely on with zero compromise.

This is awesome for gift card buyers, who are now paying even less on all future gift card purchases. If you’re selling Bitcoin to buy a iTunes Gift card, you’ll pay just 1% of the cryptocurrency value. That means more BTC in your wallet, or a few more songs in your pocket.

For Gift Card Sellers: 1% Trade Incentive

The other thing that’s awesome for any buyer? Liquidity. Trade offers. Sellers. Maybe that’s you. If it is, you’re in luck: for the next 3 months – until August 1st, 2024 – we’re giving gift card sellers a deal they can’t refuse: 

You’ll get 1% of the total cryptocurrency value of every gift card sale until August 1st, credited as a reward to your account approximately 2 weeks after a successful gift card sale.

It’s our way of saying thanks for building this market and community with us – on the marketplace, but also Twitter & Discord, where feedback from people like you helps us launch changes like these. 

See you there, and on the marketplace!