Typos suck. 

The worst part about typos is that it can single-handedly undermine your entire piece, no matter how important and eloquently written it is. It can be as simple as typing “hte” instead of “the.” Boom. Entire piece ruined.

Multiple times, we’ve all fallen victim to the notorious typo—whether you’re texting a friend, writing an important email, or spelling the name of a popular brand. In this article, we’re going to look at the creative ways people are spelling the name of our platform.

People are misspelling Paxful and it’s *hillaroius.* We’ve compiled some of the funnier typos we’ve seen. Sit back and enjoy, because we certainly did. 


Paxfull typo

Hmm… Maybe the writer was going for the Roman context? Remember how Pax Romana meant the peace between nations of the Roman Empire with pax meaning “peace?”

In that context, they’re probably right: Paxful is a place for peaceful people.

Unfortunately, in the context of how our platform is spelled, it was incorrect. Thank you though, for adding us onto the list of simple ways to buy BTC!

Paxfull typo

Do you know what’s worse than a typo? A typo that is made over and over again. 😅

Remember that old proverb: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Now, who does the shame go to when you’re fooled five times? Someone should come up with a proverb for that—because this person needs to hear it.


Paxfup typo

Given that the L is kind of close to the P on the average keyboard, maybe we can let this one slide. Who knows? Perhaps the writer was in a hurry to get the good news of Paxful out—and not to toot our own horn, but who can blame him?

Paxfup typo

Unfortunately, this writer seems to have suffered from the same mistake. Putting the typo aside, we’re ecstatic to see people rushing to tell others about our platform. ❤️


Paxiful typo

Not going to lie, “Paxiful” kind of has a ring to it. It’s got that “cleaning product” vibe to it. 🧼

Maybe we’ll think about using that name when we come out with our very own line of Paxful-branded sanitary wipes—because, uh…that’s what it sounds like.

“Paxiful Wipes—it kills 99.9% of germs that lie on your keyboard and mouse. Trade BTC with the cleanest tools!” 


Paxil typo

Paxil… Paxil… Paxil…

The more you say it, the weirder it sounds—like a name for some sort of medication. The worst part is that this typo came out when someone was transcribing an interview with Paxful’s beloved CEO, Ray Youssef.

But hey, let’s give this person the benefit of the doubt, maybe the audio was misheard due to technical difficulties?

Paxil typo

Hmm… okay. The writer made the same mistake again. Who recorded this? Why is this writer mishearing our brand name?

Paxil typo

Alright, we’re back to the first example—even the interviewer is being misinterpreted now. Okay, now we really need that saying about being fooled five times. 


Paxpul typo

This time, the P is really far from the F on the keyboard—so what’s going on here?

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the thanks and the shoutout, but now, no one’s going to see the post since the hashtag is wrong. 

Paxpul typo

We love that you’re trying to show your support for our platform through your YouTube channel! Your heart is in the right place, but please use the correct brand name.

People love YouTubers that pay attention to the little things. 


Paxsful typo

Let’s be honest, if you’re saying it out loud, Paxsful sounds a lot like Paxful

Unfortunately, it just looks awkward when you spell it like that.


Paxufl typo

We’ve got to cut this user a little slack. He misspelled Paxful, but at least he redeemed himself in the next iteration!

Let’s call this what it is: a good old-fashioned typo.

Typo or not, we just want to say that we appreciate you wanting a Paxful account. However, this isn’t the way to get one. Buying Paxful accounts is strictly against our ToS, so please don’t let us catch you doing this again 😅

Paxufl typo

This case is no different from the last. It’s just a typo: no harm, no foul.

Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones who got the short end. Is PaPal a new wallet service we haven’t heard of? 

If it is, we’ll get right to work on adding it to our roster of payment options.


Paxul typo

We think that this job application can be summed up in one three-letter word: oof.

Although this isn’t a traditional resume, resumes are the last place you want to make spelling errors—if you do, you can cross “attention to detail” off.

Paxul typo

Wow, Paxul.com must have some really good moderators if they’re getting five-star reviews! 

Setting that typo aside, we’re glad to hear that our moderators are treating our users right. 

Paxful usernames

Aside from seeing our brand name misspelled on reviews, forum posts, and social media channels, we’ve been seeing many users sign up using some familiar, but misspelled, usernames.

Here are a few we’ve caught:

  • https://paxful.com/user/PayFul
  • https://paxful.com/user/pafulx
  • https://paxful.com/user/Faxful
  • https://paxful.com/user/Faxfull
  • https://paxful.com/user/PIXFUL
  • https://paxful.com/user/taxful
  • https://paxful.com/user/packsfull

Maybe we can chalk it up to admiration, or maybe they couldn’t think of any better usernames—either way, thanks?

There can only be one

The key takeaway is this: we’re all prone to typos, whether it be carelessness or just pieces not being appropriately proofread. 

All jokes aside, it’s essential to know how to spell Paxful—that’s P-A-X-F-U-L. If you aren’t careful about it, you could possibly fall victim to malicious intent on the web like typosquatting and domain phishing scams. This form of security attack is commonly used to gain personal information of their unwary victims. So think twice before clicking links with misspellings—this goes for any Paxful presence out there: social media, website, etc.

As a reference, these are our official links:

Remember to stay safe out there and more importantly, look out for the spelling of “Paxful.”