At Paxful we are always looking for ways to protect our users and better serve them.

BitGo’s platform has allowed us to focus on our core competency by providing us with the ideal and secure blockchain connection. BitGo excels in three main areas and this is why we choose them.

#1 Security

BitGo uses multi-sig to secure our hot wallet with proven security all around. There is a reason the very biggest exchanges use BitGo and will continue to do so.

Bitcoin hot wallets are now the target of every hacker in the world and we feel safe with BitGo securing our hot wallet and doing all blockchain transactions for us. – Ray Youssef, Paxful CEO

#2 Ease of Integration and Support

Everyone has an API but BitGo has a lot more. Their system was built by startup guys who understand what a startup needs to get off the ground, pure functionality with no fat. BitGo has BitGoD that you can use alongside Bitcoin Core – it simply replaces the RPC server and very little is changed because the RPC commands are exactly the same. You can also use their API with advanced features like setting priority on sends.

BitGo Developer support is top-notch. Their CTO Ben stayed in the chat with us for several days answering every question and doing everything possible to make it easy for us. BitGo support is A+++. -Artur Schaback, Paxful CTO

#3 Success and Stability

The Bitcoin space is shaking out right now with many superb players giving up on their solutions to focus on their core competency or new business models. BitGo handles blockchain operations for the very biggest exchanges and they have a model that works. It is safe to say that they will not be going anywhere.

We highly recommend BitGo for any and all blockchain operations. You can let them handle security and focus on your core competency and that is what makes startups work. As a bonus, Mike and Ben are really cool.