Today, Paxful operates in 170+ countries around the world, moving thousands of Bitcoin through more than 350 on and off-ramp options between millions of people every month. Paxful users rely on our marketplace to send money home to their families, build and grow their businesses, protect their financial futures in challenging economic times and so much more. 

Our community is everything to us, and today, we’re happy to introduce Paxful’s +12 million users to their newest global hub: the Paxful Community Discord. Read on to learn why we’re launching this new community, how to use the platform, and what you can expect from joining – as well as what we expect from our members.

Ready and eager to join immediately? Just click here, and make sure you’ve set up and verified Discord account.

Paxful Ecosystem
Paxful’s primary social and support accounts.

The New Paxful Community Ecosystem

Historically, Paxful has maintained dozens of regional news and support channels across multiple platforms, which sometimes led to inconsistent messaging, user experiences and increased attack surface for scammers and impersonators. In this next era of Paxful, we’re redoubling our efforts on simplicity and operational excellence – across all products, support avenues, and community channels.

We’re now doubly committed to our primary email, TwitterFacebook and Instagram channels. Not only is each home to official company news, product updates and memes, but each also offers a direct line to customer support via Direct Message. These are our only dedicated broadcast channels for news and support. You can learn more about Paxful support here.

Discord offers a new way to interact with the Paxful ecosystem. Rather than broadcasting news or connecting 1-1 with the Paxful team, this new community is being built for all of you to connect with us and one another. We hope Discord lets you make friends with other Paxful traders, offer feedback and get help, track global cryptocurrency news and prices, attend Paxful town halls – and lots more. 

So what is Discord? It’s a multi-channel chat app especially popular with Web3 users, with support for audio and video communication, advanced moderation to keep you safe & unbothered, and integrations with a wide range of other apps.

Discord replaces all of Paxful’s other chat-based communities, including all our old Telegram communities, which are now community-owned and managed, with no formal Paxful affiliation.

House Rules: Discord’s Simple Do’s & Don’ts

At its launch, we expect our Discord to become a home for Paxful traders to:


  • Meet and befriend cryptocurrency users from around the world
  • Keep up to date with official Paxful and broader cryptocurrency news
  • Join occasional Paxful town halls to get major updates from our leadership team as well as local partners
  • Offer feedback on Paxful products and services, to help us improve
  • Seek support from fellow users, our FAQ forum and a library of helpful resources 
  • Have a little fun – trade music, memes, crypto market predictions, and more

We’re sure our global community will find unique and unexpected ways to make the most of this new global hub. At the same time, our team will be firm and vigilant about what this community is absolutely not for, and what we expect from our members.


  • Spread unfounded fear, uncertainty or doubt (aka “FUD”) about Paxful products, support or our broader crypto ecosystem. Constructive feedback is welcome and encouraged, but angry complaints absent substance will be moderated out.
  • As of writing, the Paxful support team will not offer direct support in Discord or manage any outstanding support or dispute tickets on the platform. Please stick to our official support channels to resolve questions requiring a moderator, until Discord is upgraded to a formal support channel.
  • Promote non-Paxful trading activity, especially off-escrow trades or trades on other platforms. This behavior is against our terms of service and is grounds for a kick or ban.
  • Attempt to use Discord to challenge or trade around bans/restrictions to your account, region, or particular on/off-ramp. This, too, is a violation of our ToS and may result in a kick or ban.
  • The sale or trade of Paxful accounts, reviews, or other materials controlled by our ToS. This activity is among the most severe violation you can make on Paxful, and will result in a total, permanent ban from all Paxful products and community channels, on all accounts with which you are found to be affiliated. Don’t do it on Discord, or anywhere else.

In summary: if we all follow the Golden Rule of treating people kindly, and making Discord a fun and productive place to connect, while keeping ourselves safe, we’ll have quite a special place to call our new global community home. To that end, all members must agree to these few simple rules during onboarding:

Discord rules.
Paxful Discord rules, as of August 2023.

These rules may change over time, and Paxful moderators (with purple-colored names) have ultimate authority over what and how to enforce both these rules, and the overall culture of the community.

While every Paxful user has the right to access our products and support services, so long as they follow our terms of service, the bar to participation in Discord is higher in order to create the best culture. As such, each member’s participation in this community is a privilege, not a right, and it may be taken away for violating not just a given rule, but possibly for violating the spirit of the community we all hope to cultivate at Paxful.

In Conclusion, Welcome

Paxful wouldn’t exist without you, and we hope this new community hub is a place for you to meet, laugh, and learn from the millions of others co-creating the global peer-to-peer economy. We’ll be working hard to make Discord a kind and productive community – but especially as this community is new and evolving, we’re counting on you help make it feel like home to yourself and others. It may take time, but we’ll get there, together.

We’re hungry for your feedback on our new Discord community home, on our products and features, and on ways you want to be involved. Let us know how we can improve right within the #general or #app-feedback channels. This is just one of many steps we’re taking to make Paxful a simpler to navigate, best-of-its-kind ecosystem that’s built for and with our community. There’s more to come, but for now, we hope you’ll join us in Discord.