It’s been almost a decade since bitcoin first came into existence. Since then, the cryptocurrency industry has witnessed the deliberate and consistent growth of bitcoin in terms of adoption.

Before this virtual asset was firmly established, bitcoin’s function as a mode of payment initially failed to yield successful results. However, while bitcoin is still not universally accepted, it is gradually reaping adoption in various sectors in different parts of the world.

More and more businesses, institutions, organizations, and individuals are now starting to learn how to use bitcoin. Aside from using it for trading, investments, remittances, and humanitarian and developmental aid, bitcoin is most popular for making payments.

Among the many places where you can spend bitcoin is Paxful, the leading peer-to-peer marketplace for bitcoin. We will soon offer another feature where you can spend bitcoin on a wide array of products, including necessities and other interesting things under “Goods and Services.”

If you are wondering what can you buy with bitcoin in real life, here is a list of both conventional and quirky things you probably didn’t know you can buy using bitcoin.

Food you can buy with bitcoin

Who would have thought that satisfying your cravings for delicious pizza, burgers, cheese fries, and a lot more is possible through bitcoin? Major food chains, fast food joints, and even grocery stores are now accepting bitcoin as payment in exchange for goods. Aside from this, you can also opt for healthy options such as fruits and vegetables or eat something exotic like wild jerky! Below are more food options for you to check out!

Drinks and beverages you can buy with bitcoin

Bitcoin comes in handy when you’re on your daily coffee run. Not only can you buy an espresso and other coffee beverages with your bitcoin, but you can also celebrate special occasions or have a chill night with some beer and wine. Here is a list of beverages that you can purchase with bitcoin.

Shoes and clothing you can buy with bitcoin

With necessities such as food and beverages available in bitcoin, you know that shoes and clothing have got to be in the bitcoin game as well. Here’s a list of some great businesses that allow you to buy tees, jackets, coats, shoes, and other garments with your bitcoin!

Luxury cars you can buy with bitcoin

For bitcoin and other cryptocurrency holders, buying things as grand as luxury cars can be hard work. This is because platforms that accept bitcoin don’t usually offer a good choice of vehicles, especially the luxurious ones. However, we know that a good and reliable website that accepts bitcoin as payment will definitely save you time and effort, so we’ve compiled a list of luxury car brands that you can purchase with bitcoin. Now you can bring home your dream car right away.

Other non-luxury vehicles you can buy with bitcoin

Your choice for vehicles to purchase with bitcoin is not just limited to luxury cars. You can also go for Airbus or Agusta Bell helicopters, industrial vehicles, and heavy equipment like trailer trucks, mixers, or cranes. Should you want to purchase two-wheeled vehicles like bicycles, and motorbikes, scooters, some stores in different parts of the world can sell you one in exchange for bitcoin.

Electronics and accessories you can buy with bitcoin

The way we do things now is so different and much easier than when technology was in its early years. Almost everything we do now requires a gadget of some sort. Today, you can buy some of these electronic devices with bitcoin. From mobile phones and laptops, security equipment to cameras, and even tracking devices or printers, there’s something for everyone.

Gaming products you can buy with bitcoin

Nowadays, most gamers no longer visit physical stores to buy their favorite video games. Purchases are commonly made online with just a few clicks. With that, some of the major gaming companies are now entering the crypto space by selling products like gaming hardware, game items, and skins in exchange for bitcoin.

Software and web services you can buy with bitcoin

A large number of software companies have started accepting bitcoin as payment for their products and services—whether for business or personal use. This can go from cryptocurrency mining software, domain and web hosting services, Internet and security services, and more.

Other miscellaneous gadgets and accessories you can buy with bitcoin

Even the smallest and quirkiest things can now be bought with bitcoin! Some of the personal appliances you can buy include portable massagers, vanity mirrors, vapes and lighters, fancy paintings, antiques and collectibles, and even writing instruments.

Home appliances you can buy with bitcoin

Aside from personal appliances, you can also purchase home electronics with bitcoin. Some of these online stores offer a wide selection of appliances from the top brands available worldwide.

Furniture you can buy with bitcoin

Looking into changing or adding some furniture in your home or in the office? Various online retailers now support payments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The choices range from living room consoles, chairs, and sofas—from the simplest to the most stylish decorations for your bedroom, dining room, garden, bathroom, or office. Some retailers even offer free shipping!

Real estate properties you can buy with bitcoin

Owning a real estate property is among the best investment options for many, and now you can buy properties like houses, apartments, villas, and others with bitcoin. Since there is a lot of places that accept bitcoin as a payment method today, you can set your preferred country, state, and city, along with what type of property you want to acquire. You can either sell your property or lease it out to make the most of your bitcoin investment! Here are some property types for you to explore.

Pet supplies and accommodation you can buy with bitcoin

Did you know that you can also shop for your pet’s cleaning and grooming tools, training aids, toys, food, apparel, and more with bitcoin? What makes it more interesting is that there is a business that accepts bitcoin as payment for luxurious and relaxing accommodations that you and your pets would enjoy.

Spending bitcoin may sound complex at first but with an increasing number of businesses accepting it as a form of payment, it’s slowly becoming the norm. Accepting and utilizing this leading crypto as a new kind of money and an innovative form of payment allows you to enjoy more flexibility with your shopping styles. This also allows you to be a part of millions of other bitcoin users that contribute to the ever-growing adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Aside from the things listed above, there are still countless things that you can find and bag in exchange for your bitcoin. These are available through online merchants that offer an extensive range of products and services for your specific needs.

What other things would you want to buy with your bitcoin? Buy bitcoin with Paxful and start your shopping spree right away.