Meet Joseph Ebuka, a Peer from Lagos City in Nigeria who’s not only an active crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast but an art curator and freelancer as well. Instead of focusing on one thing to achieve his creative and financial goals, he brought together his love for art and Bitcoin (BTC) and made them work for him. Want to know how? Learn as Joseph shares how he’s able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Joseph Ebuka

The beginning of his art journey

Joseph started to have a keen interest in art when one of his friends shared rewarding opportunities with him. “My love for art and the creative energy of the artists around me made me join the art business. We then decided to create a community of artists and creatives under a brand umbrella called Cokespice,” he said.

He started earning money from art when his group hosted their first traditional art exhibition in Abuja back in 2017. This exhibit became an avenue for featured local artists to showcase their incredible crafts, connect with art collectors, and make money from commissioned works.

“I’ve just started my journey into the art collection and I have about four artworks in my gallery already. Right now, my most preferred medium of art is oil paintings on canvas, but I’m also interested in graphics and pencil art,” Joseph added.

Navigating creative opportunities with Bitcoin

It was only less than a year ago when Joseph started crypto trading. He’s using the Paxful mobile application to trade and manage his crypto funds anytime and anywhere. Since he’s an active trader and his savings are mostly in crypto, Joseph found it easy to use Bitcoin in his freelance art business. But how smooth are crypto transactions on Paxful?

He told us, “It was a pretty swift process. My recent purchase was a physical painting, so I went to the artist’s studio. He also owns a Paxful Wallet, which made the transaction easier and faster. All I did was ask for his wallet address and send him my BTC payment. Since it was an internal transfer, I was charged with 0 fees and the artist received my payment instantly.”

Joseph Ebuka and artist

According to Joseph, Bitcoin will add more value to both the art and the artist since they can withdraw money in the currency they prefer, and their artworks can be exchanged as a token for value. “I actually buy artwork based on its perceived value—it’s not just a painting, it’s also an investment based on value exchange,” he stated.

Joseph with the artwork he bought with BTC

Is blockchain the future of art?

Joseph deems that blockchain technology can create a significant shift in the art world soon. “I believe that blockchain is the future of art, and that future is now.” He’s also looking forward to the growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)digital tokens tied to unique tradable assets—in the African scene.

“Based on the recognition of talents and crafts, the art and paint industry in Nigeria has done well enough to be recognized. I’m excited to see a major shift in the art industry in the near future, especially with the rise of crypto in the art market. There’s so much potential,” he stated.

Joseph also attends art auctions on Telegram, where he connects with international and local artists selling their works on blockchain platforms. He spreads the word about Bitcoin and blockchain technology with others who aren’t very familiar with it, whenever possible.

Are you an art enthusiast with a passion for Bitcoin? Incorporate crypto into your art and freelance business and enjoy exciting financial opportunities by creating your Paxful account today!