What are you a fan of? Nowadays, many brands from different industries are slowly shifting towards digital innovations to engage their supporters or fan base. Since the pandemic happened, many groups, particularly in the sports world, have started to explore unique and creative merchandise for all fans at different levels of enthusiasm.

In case you didn’t know, many football teams have also started to tap the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In the sports world, these digital coins are popularly known as fan tokens. But what really is a fan token and what type of out-of-the-box engagement ideas does it offer to sports fanatics? Let’s get into it.

What are fan tokens?

A fan token, also known as a fan engagement token, is a utility token that serves as fans’ access to new features, merch items, exclusive promotions, or events in the entertainment and sports industries. Let’s take football teams, for example. 

Fan tokens offered by some of the biggest clubs in the world allow supporters to be involved in some decisions made by the team. It may include minor things like voting on the team’s jersey designs, players taking part in certain games, and other team-related matters.

Some football groups also use fan tokens to give their supporters the chance to unlock VIP rewards, such as meet and greet with their favorite player, luxury box seats at a game, and more fan-related membership perks. The more fan tokens you have, the greater the chances of getting special rewards and voting powers for the team.

Owning a fan token also allows you to access a team’s exclusive memorabilia and exchange your tokens for it. The value of such rare and one-of-a-kind collectible items can shoot up over time. And when that happens, only those fans and collectors with access to the memorabilia will have the chance to get hold of it.

Simply put, fan tokens give fans a whole new level of engagement and entertainment experience.

To buy or not to buy?

Now, it’s time to decide whether you should buy some or not. To start off, let’s talk about fan token prices.

Like the value of numerous crypto, fan token prices can also shoot up and dip according to supply and demand. Some football fanatics who hold fan tokens also mentioned that fan token prices are influenced by the movements or activities in the team. This may include new player signings, management changes, and league performances. 

If that’s the case, doing research about which team to support will be of big help. Since the fluctuating fan token price is mainly affected by the supporters’ emotion and engagement, some crypto and football fans see fan tokens as a status symbol or loyalty indicator—not much of a long-term investment plan. 

On the flip side, fan tokens undoubtedly created a new avenue for football fans to express their loyalty and support to the teams they love. Fan tokens also bring the teams much closer to their fans—no wonder why the craze has spilled over the football world right away.

List of football clubs with fan tokens 

If you’re aiming to gain superfan recognition and unlock exclusive VIP rewards by buying fan tokens, here’s a list of football clubs you might want to check out.

⚽️ Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR)

Price: 21. 65 USD

Barcelona Fan Token

FC Barcelona Fan Token is the utility token of FC Barcelona football club. It’s mainly used for governance, rewards, and staking. It has a total supply of 40,000,000 BAR, with 600,000 BAR already distributed to the club fans through a fan token offering. You can acquire BAR from the FC Barcelona team by joining community activities and buying from crypto exchanges.

⚽️ Paris Saint-Germain ($PSG)

Price: 33.11 USD

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG Fan Token ranks 396th in terms of market capitalization. There is a supply limit of 20,000,000 PSG with 2,906,330 PSG in circulation. Owning Paris Saint-Germain fan tokens allows you to enjoy free match tickets for Ligue 1 and Coupe de France matches, meet the teams and players, receive official signed merchandise, and a lot more. You can buy PSG fan tokens in different exchanges online.

⚽️ Manchester City Fan Token Price ($CITY)

Price: 22.92 USD

Manchester City Fan Token Price

Manchester City football club’s fan token is called CITY. It has a maximum supply of 20,000,000 CITY with 2,678,004 coins in circulation. Owning CITY enables you to be part of a community of passionate fans, enjoy exclusive discounts on official merchandise, and vote in app-exclusive polls throughout the season, to name a few. CITY fan tokens are available on different crypto exchanges online.

⚽️ AC Milan ($ACM)

Price: 9.19 USD

AC Milan

ACM is AC Milan football club’s fan token. It has a circulating supply of 2,000,157 ACM and ranks as 791st in terms of market capitalization. You can enjoy a VIP experience at San Siro, free match tickets to Serie A and Champions League home matches, and a lot more when you own ACM fan tokens. You can also get this coin in different crypto exchanges online.

More fan tokens are coming your way

The teams we’ve mentioned above are just some of the many football clubs offering fan tokens. So be sure to do your own research about the other clubs you’re interested in that aren’t on this list. 

It’s also worth noting that more fan tokens from different football clubs are already in the works. Some of which include Aston Villa ($AVL), Leeds United ($LUFC), Everton ($EFC), Dinamo Zagreb ($DZG), Inter Milan ($INTER), and a whole bunch of others.

Ready to level up your fan experience?

While fan tokens aren’t seen by many crypto enthusiasts as a long-term asset for investment, they offer tons of unique perks that will surely level up your fan experience. So, are you ready to unlock new benefits while expressing support to your favorite clubs? Explore the coins we’ve mentioned above and let us know how it goes!

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