Gift cards are one of the most convenient ways to buy Bitcoin (BTC)—they’re easily accessible, available in small amounts, and simple to trade. On Paxful, there are multiple ways to use gift cards for your crypto needs, but how can you use them to your advantage?

Buying BTC with gift cards is simple; all you have to do is pick what kind of gift card you want to use, find an offer that you like, and the rest will follow. On the other hand, selling gift cards for BTC gives you the opportunity for big business, and it’s a secret not many of our traders know about. Ready to find out how it works?

The difference between a buy page and a sell page

Although both are good ways of selling your gift cards for BTC, there’s a big difference between using a buy page and using a sell page.

By now, we’re sure you’re familiar with the buy Bitcoin page. This is the page you see when you click on the Buy button on the homepage, where you see the list of offers available to you. As mentioned earlier, using the buy pages to trade your gift cards for BTC is extremely quick and straightforward. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably be used to this method of getting BTC because of its intuitiveness, adding to its general ease even more.

Despite the buy pages being very beginner-friendly, there are a few drawbacks to take note of. If you’re just starting out on the platform, it’s a good thing that all you have to do is choose an offer and let the seller guide you through the process. However, experienced gift card traders may prefer being in the driver’s seat. On the buy pages, your trade partner creates the offer, picks the trading margins, and sets the price. Additionally, the popular gift cards dominate the buy pages, leaving less room for diversity in gift card brands on these pages.

Trading on the sell Bitcoin page, on the other hand, puts the control in your hands. This means that BTC could be cheaper since you’re the one who sets the price. Additionally, on these pages, the market is less competitive and they offer a more diverse array of gift cards. You could even see trading on the sell page as a safer way because it’s your offer—you own the business, you get to create your own business relationships, and, most importantly, you’re in charge.

On the Buy page, you are the customer and can get your BTC immediately. On the Sell page, you’re the store owner and the customers will come to you. It may take more time to sell your gift cards, but patience pays off when you get the price you want.

How to use the sell page infographic

How to use the sell page

Essentially, trading on the sell page means creating a buy offer. We know that not many people know about this, so here’s a quick overview:

  1. Click on Create an Offer on the top of the Paxful homepage, select the Buy Bitcoin option, and pick your preferred gift card and currency. 
  2. Set your profit percentage (how much extra you’re willing to pay for the BTC), trade limits (the range of how much BTC you want to buy), and payment window (the time you need to make your payment). 
  3. Customize your offer by making it more secure and searchable using the offer tags, offer label, trade partner limitations, and optionally, your location
  4. Write a detailed set of offer terms and trade instructions so that BTC traders know what to expect in terms of payment. 
  5. Create the offer, stay active on your computer, and wait for someone to start a trade. 

Think of using the sell page as reverse-engineering the process of buying BTC. We understand that the process can seem a little intimidating, especially for new traders, but trust us, it’s easier than you think. Try it out and see for yourself.

Use what works for you

Just because there are two ways to buy BTC with gift cards doesn’t mean you have to strictly choose a path and stick to it. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, so it’s really up to you. Heck, you could even use both at the same time for different gift cards—the choice is yours.

Video: How to Use the Sell Page

When it comes to trading BTC on Paxful, experimentation is vital. Since there are so many ways to buy and sell on the platform, only by exploring your various trading options will you be able to find the best and most efficient way to earn. That being said, get out there and start exploring the sell page. Who knows? It just might be the pathway to your ultimate earning potential.

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