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5 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know You Can Use to Buy Bitcoin 🤪

Whenever people think of buying bitcoin, most think of paying by cash, bank transfers, or a credit card. But what if you could trade using something else instead? Something crazy like… gold?

1. Gold 👑

This beautiful shiny substance has been highly coveted for at least 5,000 years when Ancient Egyptians used it to decorate their tombs and temples.

Who would’ve thought that something centuries-old would one day interact with a virtual currency that’s only a little over 10 years old?

Well, nothing is impossible. Starting on April 7th, 2020, gold is now an official payment method on Paxful. Any golden earrings, necklaces, bracelets that you no longer wear – trade them in! 👇


2. Food (noms!) 🍔

Forget about stuffing your face with your favorite Detroit-style pizza or fluffy pancakes – turn them into bitcoin instead!

Many of our payment methods available on Paxful let you buy bitcoin with gift cards from some of your favorite fast food chains and grocery stores.

Next time, instead of having a pizza movie night with your friends, why not try to buy some bitcoin? 👇


3. Cosmetics & Clothes 💅

Food is obviously pretty important, but some of you may prefer spending your money on cosmetics and trendy clothes.

And of course, we’ve got your back at Paxful.

If one day you decide that you’d like to save money on the season’s hottest lipstick or lingerie and spend it on bitcoin, know that we provide offers with gift cards from some of the top cosmetics and clothing stores.


4. Video games 🎮

Good news, gamers! 🎉

Did you know that you can use your online gaming points or credits to fund your bitcoin game?

That’s right, if you have some online game store credits that are just sitting there and you don’t mind skipping on a cool set of clothes for your character, use them to buy bitcoin!

After all, they’re all money online 😉


5.  Airline tickets

Pizzas and online gaming credits may not make a huge dent in your wallet, but flight tickets certainly can. So, if you’re looking to buy a bigger share of bitcoin, consider trading in your airline gift cards. Go big or go home, right? ✈️


What other crazy things have you used to buy bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below!

Paxful Team

Paxful is a marketplace where people can buy and sell bitcoins directly with each other. You can get bitcoins instantly and pay with debit, credit, cash, Paypal and any currency.

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