We all venture into cryptocurrency because of different reasons, but one big motivator for crypto usage is that it has the power to multiply your assets in minutes. This magic-like perk of bitcoin trading captured the eyes of Kevin Rodríguez Suarez, who, now a father, is in search of better income passages as the priorities in his life switch orders. 

Having spent a big slice of his life in Barranquilla, the part of Colombia known for its enormous Carnival and bustling seaport, Kevin is a 28 year-old vendor who started trading bitcoin initially to generate extra income without having to commit dozens of hours each week. However, the constant wonder of “who doesn’t need additional money” has pushed Kevin to go even further with bitcoin.

Like many traders, Kevin wasn’t confident and didn’t see the need to go out of his way for crypto trading in the beginning. Despite getting repeatedly invited by a friend who is a loyal Paxful trader, Kevin took his time to understand the world of crypto and eventually decided to join the digital money fun. He was skeptical at first, but over time he’s met lots of traders, with whom he’s able to share trading tips and experiences and build trusting relationships. With security features such as an escrow service and two-factor authentication protection, Paxful offers a much safer online wallet and exchange platform — which Kevin is proud of and has become confident in using to snowball his assets.

We are always thrilled to hear what our users have to say about our platform, and Kevin has highlighted the essence of Paxful when asked how our platform benefits the people in his city,

Paxful [offers] a way to create communities and [allows users to] support each other to have a different business.”

That’s right — without our global community of three million wallets, Paxful would not have been able to empower the lives of Kevin and many others. Because of the trust our buyers and sellers have in us, our former unbanked users are now able to afford more comfortable houses, cars, higher-level education, expensive medical costs, and change the lives of their family members. 

Bitcoin trading is key to infinite possibilities for entrepreneurial-spirited individuals like Kevin. Now, not only have his finances improved but he also has his time to become a lot more flexible and tailored to his needs. When he’s not trading, he dedicates his time to his daughter, the dearest person to him. And with Paxful, it’s possible for Kevin to witness his daughter’s precious growth closely while making a stable income.

What about you? Do you want to enjoy a lifestyle like Kevin’s one day? It’s totally possible! Start trading on Paxful today.