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Disputes. How and when dispute can be started? What to do if you are in dispute?

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Disputes are useful when a trade does not go as planned. When a dispute is started a moderator will intervene to settle the trade.

Disputes should be started in any of the following cases…

  1. If you are buying bitcoins, have followed the vendor instructions and paid the vendor but the vendor refuses to release bitcoins.
  2. If you are a vendor and the buyer is not responding and locking up your bitcoins in escrow.
  3. If you are a vendor and the buyer refuses to pay you or follow your trade instructions and will not cancel the trade. To prevent this make sure to write CLEAR TERMS when you create your offer and CLEAR instructions.
  4. If the buyer of bitcoins forces you to release coins first, without payment confirmation or pretending that payment was made.
  5. If one of the parties impersonates the moderator, attempts to steal your Paxful account details or in any other way violates the terms of service.

A dispute can be started 3 hours after the trade begins except for the following cases

  1. If you are a verified vendor you can start dispute instantly
  2. If the trade has been marked as paid within 5 minutes then a dispute can be started within 30 minutes. ( The wait is lowered because in these cases it is most likely a coin locker ) This helps sellers to get their bitcoins back to their wallet from so-called coin-lockers and won’t hinder sales any longer.

Follow the below steps to start and win a dispute

  1. Click Dispute (actions if you are on mobile )
  2. Please provide a clear reason for the dispute for the moderators from the list of reasons. Please explain in complete sentences as clear as possible what happened.
  3. Please don’t flood the chat with dialogue or it will hold up the moderator.
  4. Wait for a moderator to join dispute for investigation.
  5. Provide as much evidence as you can get, such as:
    • Proof of payment (transaction receipt, screenshot of payment, video proof)
    • Proof of ownership (transaction receipt, receipt from store for the gift cards, online receipt,
    • Operation screenshots or video recording.
    • Phone call recording of a conversation with 3rd parties customers support.
    • Additional proof requested by the moderators’ team.
  6. The dispute will be investigated by the Paxful moderators’ team and a decision will be made according to evidence provided by both parties. Paxful moderators resolve disputes by evaluating trade terms, offer instructions, evidence of payment, trade chat interaction, user reputation, past trading history as well as data submitted and or collected in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

What to do if dispute lost.

If you lost a dispute it could be for several reasons. If you were not able to provide clear reasons and evidence as requested by the moderator to prove your claims within the given time or if we considered that provided evidence is not enough, you would have most likely lost the dispute.  We also check both of your trading history and if you were able to follow the trade instructions or offer terms.

Once a decision has been made, this means the investigation has already been done. It is final and you must accept the decision according to the Paxful Terms of Service TOS.

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