Vendor Reminder Terms of Service

Dis Rules wey dey guide vendor suppose serve as reference wey don small for di vendor, and e no get how e take replace Paxful Rules wey dey guide.

Abeg put am for mind say you don accept di rules wey dey follow wen you choose to buy abi sell ontop Paxful.

  1. As vendor you go gree to all di risk and liabilities wey dey for any thief mata wey happun as you dey sell your digital assets dem.
  2. Paxful get di rite not to give any moni wey loss sake of thief abi moni wey dem pay for our escrow moni.
  3. Na di vendor dey responsible for any and all moni wey dem go pay for tax.
  4. To report issue for inside buy abi sell, abeg file for fight and wait for pesin wey dey moderate to step in.
  5. No fit hold Paxful for case wia you release di digital asset before dem pay finish.
  6. Paxful no dey allow dis actions dem wey follow and fit make dem ban your account:
    1. To sell gift cards again
    2. Dey share details of anoda escrow for inside buy abi sell
    3. To dey buy abi sell for anoda escrow
    4. To no dey ansa - Dey expect vendors to dey ansa quik quik
    5. Language wey dey abusive
    6. Dey form like pesin wey dey moderate
    7. Dey do anoda acount ( without our go ahead)
    8. Dey price
    9. To dey coin-lock on purpose
    10. Any oda kain thief activity