Paxful in Russia

We're committed to growing global financial inclusion by making cryptocurrency trading easy, fair and safe. Due to international restrictions on certain geographies, government bodies, businesses or persons by which Paxful must abide, we're not always able to offer Paxful's popular platform in every region. At the moment, Paxful does not serve users in Russia. There are no individual exceptions being made, nor is a timeline available for the reversal of this decision.

Put moni for Bitcoin as e easy and dey safe. Paxful na place wey beta pas to buy, sell den kip Bitcoin with plenti ways wey pass 300 wey you fit take pay for Bitcoin like bank transfer, gift cards, PayPal, Western Union, Monetgram, your pesinal debit/credit cards and plenti wey still dey!

Wetin be paxful?

Paxful na padi to padi bitcoin market wey dey connect pesin wey dey buy and pesin wey dey sell. Jus chus di way wey you wan take pay and rait how many Bitcoin you wan.

Awa work na to giv pipo wey dey work platform wey simple, no get pasha and get beta securiti for dey sell abi buy dia work value. Plenti taim awa problem wey big pas na sake-of moni, to get-am and to dey move am. We dey put mind to show pipo pawa by to dey build whole world padi to padi payment logistics platform for future. Paxful na PayPal + Uber and pipo Wall Street.