now now moniontop everi buy abi sell

You go dey make moni everi time di pipo wey you bring come paxful, and di pipo wey dem bring come, buy Bitcoin.

Moni ontop everi buying abi selling

You go dey make moni everi time di pipo wey you bring come paxful, and di pipo wey dem bring come, buy Bitcoin.

Collect 50%Escrow moni Collect 50%Escrow moni

Wen pipo wey you invite buy Bitcoin ontop paxful.

Collect 10% Escrow moni Collect 10% Escrow moni

Wen di pipo wey you bring come bring dia own pipo wey come buy bitcoin ontop paxful.

Y become Affiliate?

Our Bitcoin Affiliate Program na big way for you to take tell your yard people about crypto.

BTC online purse
Collect Bitcoin Collect Bitcoin

You go make 50% of di escrow moni everi time wey one of your affiliates buy Bitcoin.

Network wey dey grow
Make you grow your network Make you grow your network

You go make 10% of di escrow moni everi time wey pesin from your outside network buy Bitcoin.

Collect your moni
Collect your moni Anytime Collect your moni Anytime

Once wey you don get reach at least 10 USD of Bitcoin, you fit collect your moni into your paxful online purse anytime wey you want.

Make you become Affiliate

How E take dey work?

Actually e dey simple, become Bitcoin Affiliate for three quik steps.

Make you become Affiliate
Call anyone come Call anyone come

Share your Affiliate code abi link ontop social media, crypto forums abi yard pipo. You fit find your unik code abi link unda your Affillate Dashboard( for web) abi Affiliate tab( for mobile).

Make you become Affiliate
Try make dem buy abi sell Try make dem buy abi sell

Teach your affiliates about crypto and how dem go take buy abi sell ontop paxful. everi time wey dem buy Bitcoin, you go get 50% of deir escrow moni. you go still get 10% of di escrow moni everi time one of der own affiliate buy Bitcoin ontop paxful.

Make you become Affiliate
Dem don pay Dem don pay

Dey look wetin your affiliate dey do from your own Affiliate Dashboard and see as your moni dey go up sharp sharp. Wen your moni don reach up to 10USD, you fit collect am put for your paxful online purse.

We wan make you begin
E dey interesting abi? E dey interesting abi? Make you come begin!

Do your own free account ontop paxful, make you begin to dey bring pipo.

Affiliate FAQ

You fit get small qwesion wey dey your mind to ask. We don ansa some of di qwesion wey everibodi dey ask for down.

Wetin be paxful?
Paxful na padi to padi platform wey dey allow you to buy abi sell crypto using any of di plenti ways wey pas 300 to take pay moni. E be like eBay, but na for moni and e no get limit. We get pipo wey plenti pas 4.8 million wey dey all over di world. All di buy abi sell ontop paxful dey safe by our escrow service, which mean say you fit buy abi sell as your moni dey safe.
Wia i fit dey look my affiliate moni?
U fit dey look your moni for both your affiliate and vendor dashboards.
I fit do my own affiliate links so i fit dey track am?
Yes. ontop your Affiliate dashboard, you fit do your own unik link wey you fit dey track unda di Track ID side, make you share with di people you carry come crypto kain moni.
Wetin una no want?
To make sure say we both undastand wetin we want and wetin we no want, we don write down some tins wey be say you as Affiliate go dey avoid.

  • To dey open plenti account - na only one account you fit get ontop paxful.
  • To dey use redirects(forwarding) from ur website to di paxful website.
  • To dey do tins wey dey fraudulent to get plenti affiliates.
  • To dey buy advatisment for queries wey don brand, like: paxful,, or any oda derivatives - even di versions wey dem no spell well.
  • To dey use queries wey don brand of oda compani wey be like us take dey advatise di paxful brand - and to dey compare paxful to oda brands, abi to dey show dem for bad lite.
  • To dey write info wey dey wrong so you go fit get plenti clients, abi to dey lie give clients.
  • To dey charge moni ontop your Affiliate moni for paxful.
You wan still sabi plenti? make you check our Rules wey dey guide di Affiliate program.
Wetin be di Paxful Affiliate Program and how e take dey work?
Di paxful Affiliate program na sweet opportunity for you to take get sometin wen you share paxful give everibodi wey surround you. E dey simple sef - you go bring pipo come paxful, collect your own share of dia escrow moni anytime wey dem buy crypto ontop paxful. You go make 50% of di escrow moni of di pipo wey you bring come paxful, and 10% of di escrow moni of di pipo wey dem bring come paxful. And no be only one time, na all di time wey dem buy crypto ontop paxful. E fit build di network of di pipo wey you carry come for crypto kain moni wen you feature your paxful affiliate link for di content wey you don generate, share am ontop social media, or advatise am for your website.
Wetin be di structure of how to make moni for each level of di program?
You go collect moni everi time wey one of your affiliates, abi deir own affiliates successfully finish wetin im dey buy abi sell on top paxful. Na base on our standard escrow moni we take dey calculate di amount wey you go collect, wey be 1% of di moni wey dem take buy abi sell, unless wen di escrow moni no reach 1%. If di escrow moni small pas 1%, di affiliate moni go calculate base on any tin wey di escrow fee be now. Di structure to collect moni be: Level 1: You go collect 50% of di standard escrow moni wen di pesin don sucessfully buy di crypto. Level 2: You go collect 10% of di standard escrow moni wen di pesin don sucessfully buy di crypto.
Wetin be di best content and advatising sources wey i go use to take gada pipo to my affiliate link?
E get plenti different sources wey go fit work to your advantage, your blog join, your website, Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Yahoo/bing ads, Mobile ad networks, YouTube and oda major entatainment and financial platforms. Social media na anoda great tool wey go helep you earn Bitcoin wen you bring pipo come. Na gud idea to use track IDs for all di different promotions wey you dey do, so you fit dey notice which one dey work well for you and you go use dat one take sabi.
How many times dem take dey update my Affiliate Dashboard?
Statistics dey update for near real-time ontop your Affiliate Dashboard. So watever you see on di dashboard suppose tell you wia tins dey at di moment.
Y be say some of my affiliates plenti wey dey buy abi sell, while odas na only regista dem regista, dem no buy abi sell at all?
Pipo get different nids. Some go first buy Bitcoin ontop paxful come hold am for months or even years, while odas go dey use d platform to buy abi sell more. Di level of wetin your affiliate dey do fit depend on di content you do wen you wan bring dem come and di kain pipo you target.
Which time dem go pay me?
Your moni wey you get thru di pipo wey you carry come crypto kain moni, go enta your affiliate online purse as your affiliate dey complete wetin im dey buy abi sell. Once wey you don gada 10 USD of your Bitcoin affiliate moni, den you fit carry dem go your paxful online purse any time wey you want. Once wey you don collect 300 USD of Bitcoin, we go nid you to complete who you be and address confamation. Pro tip: You fit sell your Bitcoin wey you collect ontop our platform for anoda profit!
Wia i fit dey find my affiliate link?
You go see your affiliate link for both your vendor and affiliate dashboards.
Wia i fit see my custom track ID'S?
Very soon, you go fit dey check your track ID ontop your dashboard. just wait!
Which countri make i target if i dey look for pipo to call come?
Paxful dey di full world and you fit use am online for any wia wey intanet dey. So any market wey you wan face dey your hand - e fit b local, regional, national abi odawise. For now, di pipo wey dey use us dey for U.S, but our market still dey grow for Africa, Asia and Latin America.
How many levels dey di paxful Affiliate Program, and how e take dey work?
No be only Bitcoin you go collect thru your direct affiliates wey you bring come. Instead, e get two levels wey dey di paxful Affiliate program -- one dey direct and di oda no dey direct: level 1: Dese na di affiliates wey regista directly thru your link. Level 2: Dese na di affililates wey regista thru di link from one of your direct affiliates.
If my affiliate dey buy abi sell with anoda affiliate, I go still see my full moni?
If di two of your affiliates dey buy abi sell with eachoda, den na 25% of all di moni wey dem take dey buy abi sell instead of di normal 50%.
Pesin wey i recommend paxful for, wey no use my link take regista, I fit still collect moni?
Unfortunately, no. Affiliate moni only dey possible if pesin regista thru your unik affiliate link.
I get a social media channel wey dey related to Bitcoin, and e dey my followers mind to dey buy abi sell Bitcoin. Make i recommend Paxful give dem?
Absolutely! Paxful na one of di ways wey dey easy for di world for anyone, any wia to buy abi sell Bitcoin. your pipo wey you carry come for crypto kain moni fit regista with your affiliate link and dem fit start to buy abi sell Bitcoin within minits! Everi time wey dem buy ontop paxful, you go collect affiliate moni.