The Affiliate Program has been temporarily paused as we make changes to create a fair and sustainable program for the Paxful community. Learn more here.

Paxful Affiliate

Get Paid for Bringing People to Paxful

Our Bitcoin Affiliate Program helps you bring financial freedom to your community. And as a bonus, you get a steady stream of income too.

Bring people to Paxful

Instant Income on Every Trade

You make money every time the people you introduce to Paxful, and the people they invite, buy Bitcoin.

Income on Every Trade

You make money every time the people you introduce to Paxful, and the people they invite, buy Bitcoin.

Earn 50% Escrow Fee Earn 50% Escrow Fee

When the people you invite buy Bitcoin on Paxful.

Earn 10% Escrow Fee Earn 10% Escrow Fee

When people invited by your friends buy Bitcoin on Paxful.

Why Become an Affiliate?

Our Bitcoin Affiliate Program is a great way for you to spread the word of crypto in your community.

BTC wallet
Earn Bitcoin Earn Bitcoin

You make 50% of the escrow fee every time one of your affiliates buys Bitcoin.

Growing network
Grow Your Network Grow Your Network

You make 10% of the escrow fee every time somebody from your extended network buys Bitcoin.

Cash out
Cash Out Anytime Cash Out Anytime

Once you've earned at least 10 USD worth of Bitcoin, you can cash out your earnings into your Paxful wallet anytime you want.

Become an Affiliate

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple, actually—become a Bitcoin Affiliate in three quick steps.

Become an Affiliate
Invite Anyone Invite Anyone

Share your Affiliate code or link on social media, crypto forums, or communities. You can find your unique code or link under your Affiliate Dashboard (web) or Affiliate tab (mobile).

Become an Affiliate
Get Them to Trade Get Them to Trade

Educate your affiliates about crypto and how to trade on Paxful. Every time they buy Bitcoin, you get 50% of their escrow fee. You also make 10% of the escrow fee every time one of their affiliates buys Bitcoin on Paxful.

Become an Affiliate
Get Paid Get Paid

Track your affiliates’ activity from your Affiliate Dashboard and watch your earnings automatically build up. Once your earnings are worth at least 10 USD, you can cash out to your Paxful wallet.

Get You Started
Sounds fun right? Sounds fun right? Let’s Get You Started!

Create your free account on Paxful and start inviting people.

Affiliate FAQ

You probably have a few questions on your mind. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common ones.

What is Paxful?
Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables you to buy and sell crypto using any of over 300 payment options. It’s like eBay, but for money -- and totally without limits. We have over 4.8 million users from all over the world. All trades on Paxful are secured by our escrow service, which means you can safely transact knowing that your funds are protected.
Where can I view my affiliate earnings?
You can view your earnings on both your affiliate and vendor dashboards.
Can I create custom affiliate links for tracking purposes?
Yes. On your Affiliate dashboard, you can create unique trackable links under the Track ID section, to share with your cryptocurrency referrals.
What is not allowed?
To make sure we’re all on the same page of what‘s allowed and what’s not, we’ve listed below some actions for you to avoid as an Affiliate.

  • Creating multiple accounts - you’re allowed only one on Paxful.
  • Using redirects (forwarding) from your website to the Paxful website.
  • Engaging in fraudulent activity to gain affiliates.
  • Buying advertisement for branded queries, such as: Paxful,, or any other derivatives - including misspelled versions.
  • Using branded queries of other competitor companies for advertising the Paxful brand - also comparing Paxful to other brands, showing them in a bad light.
  • Publishing false information to attract more clients, or misleading clients in any way.
  • Charging a fee on top of your Affiliate earnings on Paxful.
Want to know more? Check out our Affiliate Program Terms of Service.
What is the Paxful Affiliate Program, and how does it work?
The Paxful Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for you to be rewarded for sharing Paxful with everybody in your circles. It’s quite simple actually—you bring people to Paxful, and earn a share of their escrow fee every time they buy crypto on Paxful. You’ll make 50% of the escrow fee* for the people you bring to Paxful, and 10% of the escrow fee* for people who they bring to Paxful. And this is not once, but every time they buy crypto on Paxful. You can build your cryptocurrency referral network easily when you feature your Paxful affiliate link in the content you generate, share it on social media, or advertise it on your website.
What is the commission structure for each tier of the program?
You get paid every time one of your affiliates, or their affiliates successfully completes a trade on Paxful. The amount you’ll receive is calculated based on our standard escrow fee, which is 1% of the amount traded, except when the escrow fee is less than 1%. If the escrow fee is lower than 1%, the affiliate fee is calculated based on whatever the current escrow fee is. The payment structure is as follows: Tier 1: You receive 50% of the standard escrow fee when the user successfully buys crypto. Tier 2: You receive 10% of our standard escrow fee when the user successfully buys crypto.
What content and advertising sources are the best ways to attract traffic to my affiliate link?
There are many different sources that can work to your advantage, including your blog, your website, Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Yahoo/Bing ads, mobile ad networks, YouTube and other major entertainment and financial platforms. Social media is also a great tool to help you earn Bitcoin for referrals. It is a good idea to use track IDs for all the different promotions you do, so you can observe what works best for you and learn from that.
How often are the statistics updated on my Affiliate Dashboard?
Statistics are updated in near real-time on your Affiliate Dashboard. So whatever you see on the dashboard should pretty much tell where things stand at the moment.
Why do some of my affiliates make dozens of trades, while others have only registered without making a single trade?
People have different needs. Some may want to make their first Bitcoin purchase on Paxful and hold it for months or even years, while others will keep using the platform to buy or sell more. The activity level of your affiliates may also depend on what content you create to refer them and who you’re targeting.
When do I get paid?
Your earnings through your cryptocurrency referrals typically get credited to your Affiliate wallet as soon as your affiliates complete the trade. Once you’ve accumulated 10 USD worth of Bitcoin affiliate earnings, you can move them to your Paxful wallet any time you want. Once you’ve earned 300 USD worth of Bitcoin, we’ll need you to complete identity and address verification. Pro Tip: You can sell your Bitcoin earnings on our platform for additional profit!
Where can I find my affiliate link?
You can find your affiliate link on both your vendor and affiliate dashboards.
Where can I view my custom track ID’S?
In the near future, you’ll be able to view your track IDs right on your dashboard. Stay tuned!
What countries should I target when looking for referrals?
Paxful is global and can be used virtually anywhere with internet access. So which markets you want to target is entirely up to you—local, regional, national or otherwise. Currently, most of our users are from the U.S., while Africa, Asia, and Latin America are our fastest growing markets.
How many tiers are in the Paxful Affiliate Program, and how do they work?
You aren’t limited to earn Bitcoin for referrals only through your direct affiliates. Instead, there are two tiers in the Paxful Affiliate Program -- one direct and one indirect: Tier 1: These are the affiliates who sign up directly through your link. Tier 2: These are the affiliates who sign up through the links from one of your direct affiliates.
If my affiliate is trading with another affiliate, do I still get a full commission?
If two of your direct affiliates are trading with one another, then you’ll receive 25% overall earnings on that trade instead of the usual 50%.
Somebody I recommended Paxful to, registered without using my link. Can I still get a commission?
Unfortunately, no. Affiliate earnings are only possible from users who sign up through your unique affiliate link.
I have a bitcoin-related social media channel, and my followers are interested in buying or selling bitcoin. Should I recommend Paxful as a way to do so?
Absolutely! Paxful is one of the easiest ways in the world for anyone, anywhere to buy or sell Bitcoin. Your cryptocurrency referrals can sign up using your affiliate link and start buying or selling Bitcoin within minutes! Every time they buy on Paxful, you earn affiliate income.