Skrill (Online wallets) gemeenskapwenke

Skrill allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers. You can even use Skrill to pay for Bitcoin on Paxful.

First, you'll need to sign in to Paxful or create a new account by clicking the "Register" button. Once you’re in, click "Buy Bitcoin" and set "Skrill" as the payment method to display all relevant offers. The list may contain hundreds of offers but the trick to finding the best offer is to view seller profiles with high positive feedback. Clicking the seller's name will show their trade history and testimonials from their trade partners.

Next, click "Buy" to see the vendor’s trade conditions. Most will require you to send a photo of yourself holding a valid ID, use your own verified Skrill account, and send a screenshot of your account balance. If the terms are agreeable, click the "Buy now" button to start the trade and move the seller’s Bitcoin to escrow where it will stay until the trade is completed.

Send a message to the seller via live chat once the trade starts and ask if they have other requirements. Transfer the funds only when you’re asked to, and click the "Paid" button to prevent the trade from expiring. Once the seller confirms the payment, the Bitcoin held in escrow will be released to your wallet.

You’ve successfully traded your credits on Skrill for Bitcoin!

V. Hoe koop ek Bitcoin met Skrill?

Geen wenke nog bygedra nie. Kyk aanbod hier onder deur sommige verkopers. As jy enige advies het, dien vorm hier onder in of plaas ’n opmerking, en ons sal seker maak dat dit hier verskyn.

V. Hoe kan ek my advies en wenke byvoeg?

As jy graag tot die kennisbasis vir ’n betaalmetode wil bydra, tik dan asseblief enige advies wat jy vir die betaalmetode het, in die vorm of opmerkings. Ons sal dit by die bladsy vir die betaalmetode voeg en vir jou met jou gebruikernaam erkenning gee. Jy kan verwag dat jou profiel en aanbiedinge deur baie soekenjins vasgelê sal word.

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