Chime instant transfers (Online wallets) amacebiso omphakathi

Chime is an FDIC-insured online banking system that boasts faster deposit times and lower fees than its contemporaries. The service is completely online and is widely accepted by all merchants and you can now pay for Bitcoin on Paxful via a Chime transfer.

To buy Bitcoin with Chime, simply sign up for a Paxful account and get your free BTC wallet. We’ll do a quick verification of your important information as part of the onboarding process.

Next, go to the “Buy Bitcoin” page and select “Chime Instant Transfers” as the mode of payment. We highly recommend that you first check the sellers who've set their rates close to the current Bitcoin market price and then read reviews from their former trade partners. Doing so will give you an idea of how credible the seller is.

Once you decide who to purchase from, click “Buy” to read their offer terms. Conditions vary, and some vendors will impose buy limits or ask that you use the same bank as them. Others will require you to send selfies or a screenshot of the payment but no matter what the trade terms are, read them carefully and make sure you can meet them.

Clicking the “Buy now” button sends the seller’s BTC to the Paxful escrow account where it will be held until the trade concludes. A live chat will pop up and use it to ask the vendor for further instructions. Make the payment through your Chime account and click “Paid”. Wait for the seller to confirm the payment and release the Bitcoin to your Paxful wallet.

The whole process can take less than 5 minutes. So why go elsewhere? Use your Chime account to purchase Bitcoin on Paxful today.

Q. Ngiyithenga kanjani i-Bitcoin nge- Chime instant transfers ?

1) Login to the chime bank app or website (

2) Click "Move Money"

3) Send funds to your trading partner using the information they provided.

Q. Ngingawungeza kanjani umyalo wami namathiphu

Uma ungathanda ukunikezela kokususelwe kulwazi ngendlela yokkuthenga sicela uthayiphe noma yimuphi umyalo onawo wendlela yokukhokha kumafomu noma amazwana. Sizowungeza ekhasini lendlela futhi sikukhredithe ngegama lakho lomsebenzisi. Lindela ukubona iphrofayela yakho neminikelo ithwetshulwe ngezinjini eziningo zosesho.

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