Sell bitcoins with Nigeria Bank Transfers for Nigerian Nairas (NGN)


  • 仅在收到全额付款时放行比特币。不要相信任何故事。
  • Some payment methods can be charged back even after you have received a full payment!
  • 请阅读我们有关安全出售比特币的指南:如何安全地提取(出售)比特币
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最低为 50001 NGN
最大交易 100000000 NGN
对于您出售的比特币中的每块钱,您都将获得 $1.55
价格为每比特币 2943529.00 NGN(您可以出售任意分之一的比特币)


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malkiq_klitoran的出价条款 社区提示

Hello and welcome to my funds transfer service. Here you can exchange your virtual bitcoins for real cash. If you like my offer, please follow those simple instructions:
I. Start to trade;
II. Say Hello;
III. Get yourself familiar with my Terms & Conditions, which you can find below:
1.) In order to proceed with the payment, please provide me with your bank details*;
2.) Once I transfer the money from my bank account to yours, I will provide a proof of payment**;
3.) You must release bitcoins as soon as you receive the proof of payment;
4.) Funds will clear in your bank account within one working day***;
5.) No money back requests are allowed.
6.) If you do not release bitcoins immediately after I provide you with a proof pf payment, I will initiate a dispute with PAXFUL and win it. Please be advised that once you start trading with me, you agree on my terms and conditions.
* Bank details which are needed for a successful direct deposit are: bank account number (or IBAN); bank name; branch address; bank code (or BIC/SWIFT code) and beneficiary name. Please make sure to provide correct bank details as this is cruicial to make sure money will reach their destination. Providing wrong bank details may lead to additional fees and delayed payments. If you are not sure about any of those details, please contact your bank for assistance.
** Proof of payment includes the following:
- a screenshot of my online banking service with the finalized deposit on it;
- a screenshot of my account history where you can check the transfer in "Processed transactions";
- copy of my ID card, phone number,facebook and address.
*** Please note that funds can clear in your bank account even sooner as I am using express bank transfers only.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time 24/7 on mobile phone or whatsapp.

在交易被系统取消前,比特币的买家有2 小时的时间限制为比特币进行支付。在买家将交易标注为已支付后,交易将不会自动取消。之后,买家需要等待卖家发送比特币。