Buy bitcoins with Walmart Gift Card for US Dollars (USD)



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最低为 20 USD
最大交易 605 USD
每一块钱将花费您 $4
价格为每比特币 21269.69 USD(您可以购买任意分之一的比特币)


  • 无需收据No receipt is required for this trade.
  • 接受电子码E-Codes are accepted for this trade.



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SpeedyBTC的出价条款 社区提示

For amounts of $550+ we may be able to do in-store purchase for super fast release.
*We may accept multiple gift cards in a single transaction but if you have more than 1 card you must tell us the amounts per card before sending!* Cards MUST be redeemable online and in store! For amounts under $100, release may be delayed until we get atleast $100 in gift cards, place the order and the order ships.

***Please do not open this trade if you can't wait until Walmart ships the item we order using your gift card***
**Must be valid in the USA**

Trade instructions:

1.) Send us a message on chat when you’re ready to go. Do NOT send us your gift card until we confirm with you on chat that you are clear to send it.
2.) Type out and send us your 16 digit card number and 4 digit pin
3.) We will verify your gift card and release your BTC ASAP once the item we order using your gift card has been SHIPPED or picked up in-store.

By entering into a trade with us, you agree to any delays involved in verifying the gift card you provide. We cannot control delays created by retailers. We reserve the right to refuse any customer without explanation. We will act in good faith when dealing with all customers but we will not be held liable for any lost gift card funds due to unexpected actions taken by the retailer or another party. Although extremely rare, there are instances where a retailer may close an account upon redemption of a gift card due to suspected fraud (even if no fraud has occurred), making the gift card funds unredeemable. In the extremely unlikely event that this were to happen, we may provide evidence of the situation and not be obligated to release Bitcoins to you unless the gift card funds are entirely recovered in a time frame we deem as reasonable.

SCAMMERS: Anyone suspected of using fraudulent gift cards will be reported to Paxful support. If there is sufficient evidence, we will not hesitate to report it to law enforcement authorities by submitting an internet crime complaint to in addition to other means of reporting.


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