Sell bitcoins with PayPal for 美元 (USD)

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  • 仅在收到全额付款时放行比特币。不要相信任何故事。
  • 在一些付款方式中,即使您收到全额付款,买家也可能撤销付款。
  • 请阅读我们有关安全出售比特币的指南:如何安全地提取(出售)比特币
To start a trade, please sign up above
最低为 10 USD
最大交易 8000 USD
对于您出售的比特币中的每块钱,您都将获得 $0.35
价格为每比特币 3602.26 USD(您可以出售任意分之一的比特币)


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警告 PayPal 是一种风险较高的支付方式。


PayPal is one of the riskiest payment methods and a favorite of scammers. Ask for ID with selfies and signatures and check for photoshop. It is best to call PayPal and tell them you are selling bitcoin as they allow it.

OnonnyaShahin的出价条款 社区提示

please no scammer are invited..........
after sending the balance i will text you
For trading with me you have to follow
some rules if u dnt follow cant trade
if u cant agree dnt open a trade
new people has to release 1st
above +50 i will pay 1st
bellow +50 have to release first
as no one can really scam and run away
.......for your betterment read carefully what i am saying..............
if anyone scams you open another trade and report them that last trade was scammed
paxful will ban the id with all balance and will also refund you with in a singel day
But if u scam what can i do ?
you might say charge back.............well i can do it
but i have to win dispute and the money atleast takes 5-20working days to return to my account


  • Zadiel 写道:

    Fucking scammer, stole me 32$ worth in btc.

    -1 negativeJul 16, 2017
  • Red1331 写道:

    Refused to pay me, won't even reply to me

    -1 negativeJul 17, 2017
  • Red1331 写道:

    Refused to pay me

    -1 negativeJul 17, 2017
  • fedok 写道:

    waiting for the amount from last 10 hours. No update yet

    +1 positiveJul 17, 2017
  • nealbhati 写道:

    waiting for the amount from last 8 hours. No update yet.

    -1 negativeJul 18, 2017
在交易被系统取消前,比特币的买家有9999 最低的时间限制为比特币进行支付。在买家将交易标注为已支付后,交易将不会自动取消。之后,买家需要等待卖家发送比特币。







* Paxful Inc.、Paxful 和 Paxful 在 上(和其他任何地方)提供的服务与 PayPal 没有任何从属或关联关系,也不受这些支付方式的支持或赞助