Buy bitcoins with Domestic Wire Transfer for US Dollars (USD)

Wire Transfer


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最大交易 1536 USD
每一块钱将花费您 $1.52
价格为每比特币 8035.09 USD(您可以购买任意分之一的比特币)


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HOW TO PAY: you can do a wire transfer in person by physically going into the bank or doing it online. All banks do wire transfers, you just have to ask them how, do not ask me to try another payment method, I only accept wire transfers.


1. a picture of your face holding your ID against it to prove your identity.

2. Take a piece of paper and on it write “wire transfer to Maria Tikhonova, no refund, the amount in dollars you are sending and the trade ID” you take that paper and take another photo of yourself with the paper next to your face, where you can clearly see the details of what is written on the paper.

3. Last is just a picture of your ID. This way they can match the faces and the paper is proof of purchase, this is to prevent fraud. If you do this, you can do the wire online instead of going in person.

4. Submit all three photos and I will give you the info to send the payment.

5. If you went in person submit a picture if the receipt for the wire transfer, if you did it online submit a screen shot.

6. I only release the bitcoin once the payment through the wire transfer landed in my account.

Hello, please read the trade instructions above to know how to pay for the bitcoin, all the info for processing the payment is there laid out step by step.


  • HPF4life 写道:

    2nd transaction very quick and consistent

    +1 positiveApr 16, 2019
  • rlhalljr 写道:

    Always follows through. Very professional.

    +1 positiveDec 13, 2018
  • Hnimbley 写道:

    thanks for a great trade :P

    +1 positiveNov 8, 2018
在交易被系统取消前,比特币的买家有30 最低的时间限制为比特币进行支付。在买家将交易标注为已支付后,交易将不会自动取消。之后,买家需要等待卖家发送比特币。