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  • 在一些付款方式中,即使您收到全额付款,买家也可能撤销付款。
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最低为 20 USD
最大交易 10000 USD
对于您出售的比特币中的每块钱,您都将获得 $0.49
价格为每比特币 4971.18 USD(您可以出售任意分之一的比特币)


最后上线时间 2年前
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yugaxavihu的出价条款 社区提示

-I've been following the bitcoin market trends for a while now and i think it is time i invest more in bitcoin.
-I want to build up to $10,000 worth of bitcoins as i predict the bitcoin price to increase by a large amount soon.
-Feel free to open a trade to sell your bitcoins, i need as much as possible, and i am buying it for a great rate.
-At current, Venmo, Bill Payment, GoFundMe, Square Up and, Stripe are the ways i can send payments for bitcoins.
-In the near future i am looking to start sending payment via Paypal (just waiting for Paypal to accept my id so my account is fully verified) and Bank Transfer.
-I'm online the majority of the time, if you message me and i don't respond i will be online for sure at the begging of the next hour.
-Looking to build good trade partners and i am looking for people who can supply me with a lot of bitcoins:-).
-I am paying with my own bank card, screenshot of bank balance before and after i make payment can be sent upon request.
-Shall any problems arise i am very well and willing to refund your bitcoins as i want to ensure both you and me are content with the trade

Here is how process will go
1. You provide me email/cell number/ username to send payment to
2. I will send payment
3. Please release bitcoins as soon as i send payment, if you are unable to do so please do not open a trade

Good way to make some extra cash from buying and selling bitcoins as my rate is probably higher than how much you bought the bitcoins for :-)
Thank you for viewing my offer :D
Have a great day!


  • mwkreative 写道:

    payment reversed when i really needed the money

    -1 negativeJun 1, 2017
  • cream20xx 写道:

    venmo payment was reversed, was not refunded.

    -1 negativeJun 2, 2017
  • philipvk 写道:

    payment reversed, but I was refunded.

    +1 positiveJun 2, 2017
  • sagir97 写道:

    Quick and easy, will be back again!

    +1 positiveMay 31, 2017
  • kizon 写道:

    Hope this is legit like everyone is saying

    +1 positiveMay 29, 2017
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