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价格为每比特币 7486.28 USD(您可以购买任意分之一的比特币)


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TCFLP的出价条款 社区提示

You use your Credit/Debit/Prepaid/Reload card to buy an Amazon eGift card and email it to me. Amazon asks for an email address on the page. I'm simply using gift cards as a transfer of funds.

Go to and email an eGift card to me. Ask for my email in chat. That's it. Simple, easy and fast!

No PHYSICAL AMAZON gift cards Please.

I DO NOT NEED OR WANT YOUR PERSONAL INFO OR CARD NUMBER, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. I will never, ever process a payment for you.

I do not accept claim codes. This protects both of us.
From Amazon, "Estimated delivery is in 5 minutes but in rare circumstances may be delayed." By starting a trade you acknowledge that in rare circumstances there are delays. For NEW AMAZON ACCOUNTS (Amazon account with no previous purchases) or a new payment method (payment method not previously used with your Amazon account) estimated delivery is 4 hours. Debit/Credit/Prepaid/Reload card purchases are, in most cases, instantaneous so long as the card in question has been previously used to make a purchase with your Amazon account. When I receive the gift card, Amazon sends you an email titled "An gift card you sent has been received". In the event of a dispute you will be asked to present this email. You agree that if you do not have this email and can not forward it to me (TCFLP) and a moderator then the dispute ends in the favor of TCFLP. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse service to anybody. By starting a trade you submit that if asked to provide extra pictures you will comply. Failure to comply with a request for extra pictures is a violation of offer terms and in the case of a dispute, you forfeit.

在交易被系统取消前,比特币的买家有30 最低的时间限制为比特币进行支付。在买家将交易标注为已支付后,交易将不会自动取消。之后,买家需要等待卖家发送比特币。







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