Venezuela Bank Transfers (Bank Transfers) 社区提示

With bank transfer you can easily buy bitcoins either for same bank transfer, or transfer between banks. Venezuelan banks Banco del Tesoro, Banco de Venezuela, Bancaribe, Banco Venezolano de Crédito, BBVA Provincial

问:如何使用 Venezuela Bank Transfers 购买比特币?

Transfer money to the bank account info given to you, once the transfer is made then please, mark trade as paid to lock the escrow and wait for the seller to confirm. You MUST click "PAID" before the time expires or else the trade will expire. Once the seller of bitcoins confirms receipt of your funds, they will release the bitcoin from escrow to your wallet. If you have not sent funds and are no longer interested in buying then PLEASE CANCEL the trade. This is good etiquette on Paxful and allows the seller to help others.



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