SoFi Money Instant Transfer (Online wallets) 社区提示

SoFi Money account holders instantly transfer money to other SoFi Money account holders. Works exactly like chime- if the recipient is a SoFi Money account holder, the transfer will appear instantly. Offer on Paxful should apply only to existing holders of SoFi Money accounts to avoid delays in Paxful Transaction Processing. If the recipient is not a holder of a SoFi Money account, they will have to accept the transfer by email and it takes 2-3 days to arrive.

问:如何使用 SoFi Money Instant Transfer 购买比特币?

Log into your SoFi Money Account. Select "Send Money" on upper right option menu. Enter amount, the recipient's email or phone number and hit "Send." Money will arrive instantly if recipient is a SoFi Money Account Holder. Offer should apply on to other SoFi Money holders so that transaction can take place instantly on Paxful.



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