Bitcoin Cash BCC/BCH (Online transfers) 社区提示

** This is a trade to buy BTC and pay for it with BCC/BCH Bitcoin Cash **

Start a trade and during the chat I will calculate the amount of BCC/BCH you will have to send to the wallet address which I will also provide in text format.

The address is:
But don't worry, I'll provide it again in the chat.

As welI I will upload a QR code of the address that you can scan into your wallet.

Once you have sent the BCC I will monitor the receiving wallet.

When there are enough confirmations I will release your BTC

问:如何使用 Bitcoin Cash BCC/BCH 购买比特币?

It is best if you use copy/paste to get the needed information below into your BCC/BCH wallet.


Send this amount of BCC/BCH...

to be determined


To this BCC/BCH Wallet Address...


I can also upload a QR code of the address if you wish.


I will wach that wallet until enough confirmations happened and THEN release your BTC.




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