Paxful in Russia

We're committed to growing global financial inclusion by making cryptocurrency trading easy, fair and safe. Due to international restrictions on certain geographies, government bodies, businesses or persons by which Paxful must abide, we're not always able to offer Paxful's popular platform in every region. At the moment, Paxful does not serve users in Russia. There are no individual exceptions being made, nor is a timeline available for the reversal of this decision.

轻松安全地投资比特币。Paxful是购买、出售和发送比特币的最佳场所,可使用 300 多种比特币购买支付方式,其中包括银行转账、礼品卡、Paypal、Western Union、Moneygram、您的个人借记卡/信用卡以及其他许多方式!


Paxful 是连接买家和卖家的比特币点对点交易平台。只需选择您的支付方式,并输入您需要的比特币数量即可。

我们致力于为用户提供一个公平、便捷且安全的交易平台,帮助他们更好地实现自己的劳动价值。生活中重要的问题总是与钱息息相关,怎么赚钱,又怎么花钱。Paxful创建了一个全球化的平台,致力于让大众参与其中,共同建立点对点的支付体系;这里可以说是 PayPal 和优步的结合体,更是大众的华尔街。