Who said Bitcoin (BTC) was only for grownups? While cryptocurrencies may sound a little daunting at first, you’ll learn soon enough that their powerful uses can’t be hindered by anything—may it be geographical borders, a person’s age, or even life situations. This is especially true for Ishaq Mustaqim, one of our incredible Peers who was able to take BTC for what it truly is and used it to change his life for the better. 

How has his financial discovery helped him go from rags to riches? Read ahead and discover how Bitcoin and Paxful helped him bounce back in life.

It all started in an empty garage 

Ishaq wasn’t able to finish high school and he didn’t have a stable job enough to support his daily needs. “It’s hard for me to find a job because of some bad decisions I made earlier in my life,” he said. He also lived with his mom for a while, but he could also barely help her pay their rent since he had no means of making money.

After quite some time, when Ishaq had enough money to move out, he decided to move into a garage. “I was renting and there’s no toilet, no shower, and no kitchen in that garage,” he said. “I was searching for ways to make money on my laptop using my cellular data and that’s when I found Paxful. However, I didn’t have the money to invest,” he added.

An ironic encounter with payment methods

Ishaq also had a time when he couldn’t even buy food because the grocery store didn’t accept his cash payment due to the pandemic. The next day, he received a hundred dollars in his bank account—his earnings from his YouTube channel. He then happily went back to the grocery store to buy something to eat, but to his surprise, the store’s payment terminal wasn’t working.

After a few days, Ishaq received his stimulus check from the government. He used the entire check, together with a small amount of borrowed money, to get started on Paxful. 

A promising turning point

From that day onwards, Ishaq has been making a living on Paxful by trading. “I’m now teaching a course on how to trade gift cards on Paxful,” he said. Ishaq is also enjoying exclusive platform perks since he joined the Paxful Peer Program

“With my special technique and good trading history, I was able to receive the Expert Trader badge. I’m also happy to be able to talk with Paxful employees directly with no waiting time,” he added.

Ishaq Mustaqim

“They help me with any questions I have and the best part is that being a Peer allows me to make money through my affiliates. I will soon earn 2,000 USD and that’s good money for just inviting people to the platform,” said Ishaq.

Exciting opportunities await you in the crypto club

Ishaq is encouraging the youth today to try their hands on BTC and other cryptocurrencies and unlock the fascinating financial opportunities that await them. He said, “Many people today experience FOMO (fear of missing out) because they haven’t invested in Bitcoin earlier, leaving millions of dollars on the table.”

He added that young people need to understand that we’re still in the early years of the cryptocurrency world and it’s never too late to jump into it. Ishaq said that the youth need to learn the ropes so they won’t miss many more opportunities as more years pass by.

“Ever since I started my crypto trading journey on Paxful, I was able to put some cash on the side—something I never did before. Because I need enough amount in my account to trade, I was pushed to save money. Now, my savings muscle is getting stronger and stronger every day,” Ishaq stated.

What’s your financial situation like? Have you tried investing a little amount of money in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Get started right away by creating your Paxful account today and enjoy the exciting rewards that await you. Good luck!

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