Like any adventure, a cryptocurrency journey is a lot more rewarding when you share it with people who have the same burning passion as you. This is the very reason why three of our incredible Peers from Argentina and Nigeria decided to take their crypto journey to the next level by joining the Paxful Peer Program

Want to know what exciting benefits await you in the Peer Program? Learn as Jose, Agustin, and Osakwe share their favorite perks from their one-of-a-kind Peer experience.

🇦🇷 Agustin, Argentina

Paxful Peer Agustin

Meet Agustin, our passionate Peer from Argentina who specializes in Digital Marketing. Less than a year ago, he started and launched a project with his personal brand, “WillyAlba,” by creating a YouTube channel. 

Agustin started as a Paxful Affiliate in September 2020. He then applied as a Peer in November 2020 and was accepted into the program by the end of December. After a month, Agustin became an Associate, which is the third and last level of the Peer Program. But what benefits welcomed him as a Peer? Here are some of his most favorite perks.

Perk #1. Earn $5 in BTC by bringing ID-verified users to the platform

Agustin earns 5 USD in BTC when the new ID-verified users he referred complete their first trade. What makes it even more rewarding is that the more affiliates he brings to Paxful, the more BTC he can earn.

When asked about how he was able to gain more affiliates, Agustin shared, “I posted my affiliate link on the videos I uploaded on YouTube to see if I could really earn small amounts. To my surprise, the video worked wonderfully—a lot of people started using Paxful and I started getting affiliates.” 

Perk #2. Make money through Affiliate Program earnings

Apart from the 5 USD in BTC per new referral, Agustin earns up to 50% of the fee from the trades completed by his affiliates and 10% when the people invited by his affiliates buy Bitcoin on Paxful.

“Without a doubt, Paxful was and is of great help for my personal project. Paxful helps me to create a larger community within my channel by giving me exposure. The platform has also helped me to get into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and earn money as I bring others along with me,” Agustin said.

Perk #3. Level up as an Associate and get $150 in BTC monthly

One of the most unique and exclusive perks Agustin enjoys after reaching the Associate level of the Peer Program is receiving 150 USD in BTC every month. “I find it very attractive and motivating that there are different levels within the program. Being able to level up and progress brings you great incentive,” Agustin shared.

🇦🇷 Jose, Argentina 


Apart from Agustin, we also met Jose, another passionate Paxful trader from Argentina who joined the Paxful Peer Program six months ago. Besides making money, Jose also had the opportunity to fulfill his mission of educating people about the power of crypto. But for him, here’s the most rewarding perk he’s able to enjoy and do more with.

Perk #4. Win exciting prizes from exclusive Peer and Affiliate giveaways

The Paxful Peer Program offers regular giveaways and campaigns for all members like Jose to enjoy. Jose shares that “The Peer Program has helped me not only to earn money but also to start a new business model. I receive rewards for helping, sharing, and learning—yes, they pay me for learning! You can’t find this kind of opportunity everywhere, which is why I find it incredible.”

🇳🇬 Osakwe, Nigeria 


For Osakwe, our Peer from Nigeria who’s been part of the program for 10 months now, being a Paxful Peer has really boosted his trading experience. For him, the following benefits have helped him have a fruitful and rewarding crypto adventure. 

Perk #5. Grab more trades by having your offers promoted

Peers of all levels get to enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority support services and featured offer promotions. As per Osakwe, these perks help his trading business. “The priority support benefit has helped me gain a lot of confidence in trading. There is an everyday mindset that I’m closer to Paxful. Aside from that, special promotions never fail to give me joy, especially when I see my offers stand out at the marketplace,” he said.

Perk #6. Boost your trading credibility through a Paxful Peer badge

Osukwe also enjoys the incredible benefits brought about by the Peer badge displayed on his Paxful profile. It boosts his trustworthiness and credibility on the platform, which is why many traders are confident to trade with him.

He furthered that “The Peer Program is an excellent way to bring traders closer to Paxful. It helps the community even trust Paxful more. It’s also like being a part of a family with great minds. I love the Peer Program a lot.”

What Paxful Peer benefits are you enjoying the most?

Apart from the benefits we’ve mentioned, Agustin, Jose, Osakwe, and all other Peers in different parts of the world also enjoy Paxful-branded merchandise. They also get the opportunity to try our new features and products first and have a dedicated account manager—for levels 2 and 3. 

Sounds like something you might be interested in? Apply to become a Peer today if you haven’t yet and discover which among all benefits is your most favorite!