Tether (USDT) has quickly found its way to becoming one of the most highly traded stablecoins on the market. It was developed as a way for users to have a cryptocurrency pegged at the U.S. dollar, allowing them to have a handy conversion tool whenever needed. 

Its utility has gone up over the years, though, evident in how businesses of all sorts accept Tether payments, just like Bitcoin! Let’s look at who’s taken the plunge by accepting Tether payments in 2022. 

Online stores

Let’s start with stores that cater to mostly-online users. Pay for your online shopping with ease and fewer fees by using USDT payment gateways. Take note that some of these businesses have an available physical store in your area.






Home and lifestyle




Precious metals


Sporting goods

Online services

There’s more to Tether than just products. Online services can also be paid for with USDT, making it easier to find a web hosting or cloud service.


Bills payment

Cloud and hosting services


Offline services

As for offline services, the currency maintains its utility by letting its users pay for automotive care, home renovation, and even your teeth, thanks to USDT payment gateways.

Health and beauty


Information Technology

Legal Services

Why accept Tether USDT payments

While Bitcoin may have the upper hand in adoption and innovation, Tether’s advantage lies in its goal. The whole point of Tether is to provide cryptocurrency users with an option that holds its value. Tether achieves this by backing each USDT with 1 US dollar. 

It’s for this reason that Tether is now becoming more popular for daily transactions. It’s predictable, it’s convenient, and it holds most of the same benefits that digital currencies carry, such as:

Fewer fees

As with any digital currency, USDT payment gateways go through fewer intermediaries. Fewer intermediaries mean fewer fees to pay and more of your money going where you want it to. 

Fast transactions

Rather than spending hours, sometimes days, processing transactions and transfers, payments made with Tether take just as long as any digital currency. That means taking just a few seconds or minutes to process your payment with an instant reflection of your transactions.

International shopping

Since you’ll be dealing with digital currencies, you can expect an easier time shopping from stores outside of your current locale. Plus, having your money in Tether means you won’t have to worry about converting your cash before being able to spend it. 


As long as you have access to your wallet, whether online or offline, you can be confident that your USDT is never too far from reach. This is one of the most important benefits of digital currencies, empowering people by giving them total control over their finances. 

Using USDT in everyday life

The bottom line? USDT is a highly utilizable currency and one that we should pay attention to. With cryptocurrencies developing more scalability solutions, we are seeing a rapid adoption rate worldwide. Give yourself the advantage by learning what you can now and making the most out of the opportunity to use Tether for payments.