Over the past few years, people have started to explore the different ways they can use their Bitcoin. From buying a cup of coffee and shopping for clothes, to traveling and buying cars, you’re bound to find companies that accept Bitcoin as payment. 

Thanks to the convenience it brings, Bitcoin has the potential to become the preferred mode of payment for a lot of the expenses we usually deal with every day. If you’ve got your hands on some BTC right now and want to try out its real-world applications for yourself, here’s a curated list of businesses and companies who accept Bitcoin as payment.

Car companies 

When an anonymous 4chan user posted about his newly purchased Lamborghini, everyone was surprised to learn that he paid for it, in full, with BTC. This has turned Lamborghini sports cars into a symbol for cryptocurrencies, with other dealerships and manufacturers following soon after. Electric car manufacturer Tesla even accepted Bitcoin payments for their vehicles for a while but had to revoke the offer shortly after. 

Web hosts

In a rapidly developing industry, web hosts have found that they can cater to more clients if they start accepting Bitcoin as payment. 

Travel companies

Bitcoin holders might be excited to hear that traveling only using Bitcoin is perfectly possible. In some ways, paying for your travels (and all associated expenses) with BTC might even be better for you. 


Not wanting to miss out, airlines have joined in as well. Nowadays, it’s become convenient for a lot of people to pay for their airfare via Bitcoin.

Fast-food chains and restaurants 

Eating out is becoming a lot more convenient for Bitcoin holders. Restaurants and fast-food chains all around have started accepting Bitcoin payments in some of their locations. 


Despite the contrast between decentralized and centralized finance, some banks have decided to accept Bitcoin deposits and transfers. Some even offer investment packages that include Bitcoin!

Technology companies

Software developers have noticed a growing number of Bitcoin users and are allowing clients to pay for their products and services with BTC. 

Nonprofit organizations and charities 

Bitcoin is here for philanthropists as well. Nonprofits and other philanthropic organizations have begun opening up their doors to Bitcoin donations. This makes sense since Bitcoin’s blockchain should help with financial transparency and make accounting easier for everyone involved. 


Music and the arts would soon follow as Bitcoin started gaining momentum. The following are theaters and cinemas who accept Bitcoin payments.

E-commerce websites

As we’ve all seen over the past decade, e-commerce has taken off quite well. These days, most (if not all) of the things we need can be found online. To help boost that convenience, the following e-commerce websites have started accepting Bitcoin payments.

Auction sites

Auction sites are still a popular place for people looking for a variety of things, from common commodities to valuable pieces of art. In either case, transacting with Bitcoin should come in handy. 

Video games

Video games have evolved drastically over the past few years, with some even allowing players to earn Bitcoin just by playing them. That said, a few companies have decided to accept Bitcoin payments to widen their reach and cater to the growing population of Bitcoin users. 


This one is meant for the traders. Finding a foreign exchange broker that lets you pay for your trades with Bitcoin used to be a little challenging. These days, they see the potential of BTC and are trying to take advantage of its current popularity and growth. 

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, seem to be a necessity these days, with personal security and privacy a growing concern. From bypassing geo-blockers to preventing identity theft, users have turned to VPNs to give them that extra layer of security. Paying for this service with Bitcoin only increases those benefits. 

Music stores 

Accepting Bitcoin payments for music sales is one way of combining the worlds of Bitcoin and entertainment.

  • EMWiRES Bitcoin Shop
  • Dark Ambient Radio
  • Long Player
  • Tradebit
  • Bittunes
  • iTunes
  • Spotify (via gift cards)

Vacation rentals 

While others may have only seen Bitcoin as an investment tool, some travel companies have taken it upon themselves to show people what they can do with their BTC. Your airfare, accommodation, and even your snacks at the airport can be paid for with Bitcoin. 

Online Companies

The first commercial adopters of blockchain were online businesses who accepted Bitcoin payments and opened their doors to Bitcoin holders. With a single move, these online companies liven up online shopping—convenience and accessibility, all in one go. 

Electronic Shops

Escrow Companies

Vape Stores

Shopping Stores

Holiday Companies


Why use Bitcoin to buy things?

One of Bitcoin’s main goals is to provide people with better access to their money. This means fewer barriers to entry, at least when compared to traditional financial systems. It all ties into Bitcoin’s goal of empowering the people—by focusing on people, the market simply becomes a platform for all users to transact on. Plus, there’s always the chance to get discounts and special offers when you transact with Bitcoin. 

Transactions are made faster thanks to the Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a Layer 2 solution built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain network, providing users with a quicker way of paying for goods and services with BTC. The Lightning Network has made it cheaper and faster for people to transact with Bitcoin, so much so that even busy cafes are able to accept Bitcoin payments for a cup of coffee. 

A few examples of local businesses that accept Bitcoin Lightning transactions are:

Using Bitcoin as it was meant to be used

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