Last year, we introduced Tether (USDT) to our platform as a way for users to protect their money from sudden price swings. In order to ensure that everyone in the Paxful community can trade fairly, we’re making a few minor adjustments to our fees for the new year.

Currently, we charge a 1% fee to convert BTC to USDT and no fee to change USDT to BTC. Starting on February 3, 2021, the fees for converting both BTC to USDT and USDT to BTC will be 0.5%.

This change will ensure an even fairer trading environment and create more earning opportunities for our users. It’ll also help us provide the Paxful community with the best tools and resources needed to succeed.

With Bitcoin at an all-time high, we’re entering 2021 at full speed. Adding Tether was just one small step towards helping our users shape their financial futures and we’re excited to say that there are more big announcements coming very soon.

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