Introducing the Trader Program’s Progress Bar—a tool that will help you easily keep track of how close you are to becoming an Expert Trader or Power Trader on Paxful.

Aside from being your guide to leveling up on our platform, the Progress Bar will also help you visualize your overall progress in achieving and maintaining Trader Program badges. By showing you the requirements you’ve already met, you can easily focus on tasks that still need to be done to unlock or maintain new and exclusive platform perks.

The Trader Program Badge requirements include having a fully verified account and reaching a certain number of successful trades and trade partners. Here’s what the Progress Bar looks like: 

Because the Progress Bar updates daily, you can easily keep track of your trading goals. If you’re just starting out, all bars and update indicator icons will be in gray. As you progress, these icons will turn blue, and once you’ve completed all the requirements, they will turn green.

The best part is that it’s available to all Paxful users—both existing and new. To find the Progress Bar, just log in to your Paxful account and go to your Classic Dashboard.

Ready to level up as a trader? Go to your Classic Dashboard and get started. Happy trading!