These path-paving women are real, and you can be just like them.

You can become an entrepreneur in cryptocurrency at any age, from anywhere in the world, on top of any career path you already have going on.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve gathered stories of famous women that have made a mark on the crypto industry, as well as personal female figures that have inspired our female employees at Paxful.

But Paxful is nothing without our fans, so this time we reached out to three of our most dedicated female Peers and asked them to tell us their story before and after bitcoin.

Veecca Smith Uka 

Originally from Nigeria, Veecca understands first-hand what being an immigrant means and how important it is for money to be able to flow freely between countries. Living in the United Kingdom with her three teenage children, Veecca still regularly sends money to her parents and two brothers in Nigeria in the form of bitcoin.

Veeca and her family

If you were to run into Veecca, she’s likely to be doing one of these things: trade bitcoin, manage non-profit support groups for women, and provide support to female refugees in the U.K.

With Meghan Markle — former American actress and now Duchess of Sussex — as her role model, Veecca works day and night for the welfare of other migrant women, especially those of African heritage.

For example, she’d fight for affordable house prices for asylum-seeking women, take them to hospitals and act as a translator in times of need, and bridge between communities, and search for the right facilities to make sure these women have something to rely on.

Veeca's support group

As fate would have it, one of the women from Veecca’s support groups introduced her to Paxful in 2019, and Veecca has loved having an extra income stream since. Not only that, trading bitcoin has helped solve many financial issues for her, as there are not many payment options in the U.K.

By becoming a Paxful Peer with her previous charity experience, Veecca is empowering women to take a stab at something they’ve never done before.

Some of her female friends are still skeptical about digital currencies, and most of them didn’t know that they can make money through trading. But Veecca has faith in them, as she believes that women excel in paying attention to details and in reacting quickly to obstacles.

Precious Ramaphoko

Precious Ramaphoko

If you have been following the Peer Program’s Instagram, you’d have already seen Precious’ lovely smile in our first post. As a young, hopeful millennial in South Africa, Precious started trading on Paxful in December 2019 after she attended our seminar in Sandton, South Africa.

Things were a bit unstable for her before she started trading. In her own words,

“I am no longer broke! I am able to finance my own personal needs through trading bitcoin and making profit out of it.

Our South African currency (Rand) is always unstable, [which results] in increased taxes. Therefore, trading bitcoin can save [people] a lot of money because you make your own terms and set your own interest rate.” 

Precious Ramaphoko

As Precious only started trading bitcoin a few months ago, she sometimes still finds it tricky to figure out when the right time to buy and sell bitcoin is.

However, as a challenger, she loves introducing financial freedom and stability to others as well as growing her own global crypto network. Her friends have also been very curious to try out Paxful after listening to her story!

Although the cryptosphere is highly dominated by men right now, Precious is ready to become a female leader in this space and lead others.

Nkhensani Nyalungu

Nkhensani Nyalungu

Also a young lady in her early twenties, Nkhensani is a diligent accounting major at the University of Johannesburg. One of her many dreams is to become an accountant and be more financially independent both for herself and for her family in Gauteng Province.

When she first started trading bitcoin in October 2019, Nkhensani knew only very little about bitcoin. A lot of her university friends knew that she trades, but some of them were firm believers that bitcoin’s a scam! (Thank goodness that Nkhensani convinced them to try trading for themselves – they’ve changed their mind since. Phew!)

If there’s anything that helped Nkhensani in her early days in the cryptosphere, it’s YouTube videos and Paxful blogs on how to avoid scams. The high unemployment rate in South Africa also pushes her to keep trading and earn money through investing in bitcoin.

Nkhensani Nyalungu

She’s been regularly trading and is really enjoying it – the profit isn’t only helping her deal with her finances as a student, but also helping her family out. Win-win situation!