In May of 2021, we got to know more about Famakinwa “Betty” Oluwakemi—better known as Kembety on the marketplace—and she told us all about how she got her start in Bitcoin as well as how she has remained successful in trading. 

She mentioned that her journey started with an introduction to Bitcoin from her fiancé. From that point on, she knew it was a match made in heaven. 

“The first time I sold the first Bitcoin he sent me on Paxful, I realized that it was worth much more than what I would have done if he had sent me fiat. That’s what triggered my interest [in Bitcoin]. From that day on, I studied how to trade BTC and learned every other thing from my fiancé.”

When we first met her, she was 10 months into her trading journey on Paxful with no plans of stopping any time soon. Shortly after, she joined the Peer Program and started her newest project: inspiring others to do as she did

Catching up with Betty

Recently, we were able to catch up with Betty again to see how it’s been going since we last spoke. In those 11 months, she has grown a full empire on Paxful. She now flexes her Expert Trader and Peer badges along with a 5000+ reputation score—easily making her one of the most trusted traders in Nigeria. 

When asked how her trading style has changed over the months, she responded by talking about Paxful’s easy Bitcoin conversion systems in place. With easy BTC to Tether (USDT) conversions available on her Paxful Wallet, she had complete control over the way she moved her money. Coupled with new systems for Naira exchange rates, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

“Through Paxful, I was able to buy a car. I hope that with time, I can build my own house and also own a foundation for women empowerment and the needy.”

Embracing femininity in Bitcoin

There’s no doubt in our minds that Betty is one of many women driving the Bitcoin space forward. She’s one that’s breaking the bias and showing the world that Bitcoin can play a crucial role for everyone to reach their full financial potential.

She’s a crystal clear example of what anyone can do when the power of Bitcoin and peer-to-peer are working in tandem. If there’s anyone out there who’s thinking about getting started, Betty said that now is the time to do so:

“The time is now because there’s no better time than now. Once you have the passion to start trading Bitcoin, go for it. Bitcoin is the best and most reliable cryptocurrency. It gives you so many opportunities to increase your capital. You’d be so grateful you joined.”

Opening the doors for all

These days, most people look at Bitcoin as a way to make a quick buck. However, what most people don’t understand is all the hard work it takes to get to the top of the mountain. When it comes to trading, people are often intimidated by the price, but when you really factor in the peer-to-peer aspect, it shouldn’t matter at all.

This is how traders make a living off of trading on Paxful. This is what Betty stands for in a space that’s currently experiencing a surge of powerful women taking over. As we ended our talk with Betty, we asked her to send a message to all the women that are thinking about getting started:

“My message for all women who are interested in trading is to start as early as possible. Gender roles have nothing to do with trading Bitcoin, neither does it make it more difficult. [Women] stand to gain increased access to their capital, economic, and financial freedom. They also command respect in society. I would advise that they join Paxful and start trading immediately. They should be women of integrity.”

If you were ever looking for a sign to start trading, this is it.