COVID-19 has halted the entire world in many ways in the past few months. However, we at Paxful aren’t slowing down — our founders, Ray and Artur, have got a few tips for anyone that’s frustrated out there.

How the bitcoin community can support one another 

When the market crashes, millions of people are affected, but low prices in the market can also mean opportunities. 

A few days ago when I chatted with Artur, he mentioned that more people are interested in bitcoin and crypto since COVID-19 started, which is surprising given the current economic situation. There’s likely to be a lot of newcomers wanting “a slice of that bitcoin pie,” and Artur believes that community support is imperative. He knows that newcomers are going to come up with lots of questions about bitcoin, and urges expert traders to be patient with new traders.

“The Paxful platform offers new opportunities to grow interest in bitcoin amongst the people around you. Do you have friends who are struggling to move their money around or are frustrated with the rigid, centralized nature of banking services? Our marketplace can solve their problems.”

If you know somebody who’d appreciate more financial freedom, become a Peer and grow your own community. Vulnerable times call for unity and compassion – show others around you what they can do to make a living differently.

Why should anyone get into bitcoin, especially now?

Trading bitcoin will help you, and others.

“Paxful offers everybody access to any financial network and exchange with another person in any form of money – cash, bank transfers, gift cards, or assets from other online wallets – into bitcoin for your day-to-day needs. As you provide financial services by selling bitcoin, you can earn a profit from it,” said Artur. 

Become a vendor today

Our CEO was once homeless – and he bounced back

Before founding Paxful, our CEO Ray Youssef started 11 startups that failed – but he never gave up.

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Times aren’t easy for a lot of us, but our team is here for you. Here’s a message from our CEO, @raypaxful to you.

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In fact, he was grateful for that dark period: “When you break is when you can lose the baggage and are free to try new things from sources you would never consider.”

And trading bitcoin is something new that you can pick up easily with many helpful online educational resources.

Here are some other thoughts that helped Ray:

“Great opportunities exist in places most people would never think to look and if they ever do catch a glimpse they dismiss it and go back to their routine. Hard times take us to new places, we should embrace this. Humbleness is the first step to an open heart. Keep an open heart even when times are good and you will have immense success.”

A few extra words from Ray

Nothing more, nothing less – just what you need to hear to get back on your feet and make the impact you’re born to make.

“Hard times demand a different version of ourselves. This begins when we try doing things differently. New habits and opportunities will emerge once we clear out the old habits and make room for the new.”

“The Paxful marketplace is full of limitless opportunities. Over 120 currencies and over 300 payment methods across seven use cases means your goldmine is out there. First, find a problem to solve. Focus on a small community you have a direct connection to. Take the time to learn straight from the street level by talking to real people. Those that learn to do this consistently will always be blessed with the best ideas.”

Stay home, but don’t stop making money – Paxful’s got your back. 💖