We have teamed up with Zam Zam Water – a wonderful group of people.

Their mission is

To create a better quality of life by bringing water to those in need, one well at a time.

They have already completed so many projects and we are truly glad to be part of the next one. Here’s what they’ve done so far

Zam zam water projects

To help this inspiring team to bring education to those who need it most, we’ve sponsored a nursery in Rwanda. The first school built entirely with bitcoin. The project is coming up nicely and we’ve had heartwarming video chats. Our team will be flying over there in a few weeks to get our hands dirty and help out as much as we can.

Here’s what is happening:

Nursery Education Center

  • 3 Classrooms
  • 4 Restrooms with potable irrigation system
  • 15,000 L water tank and water-catchment system

Project location:

Kasebigege Village – Bugesera District, Rwanda


7,500 people (children between ages 3-6)


2 months


  • Building over 20 community gardens for sustainable agriculture
  • Providing dozens of goats and chickens for grazing, meat, milk and poultry.

April 7th marks the 22nd anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. From April to July 1994, between 800,000 and one million ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed during a 100-day killing spree planned and perpetrated by ethnic Hutus, also known as genocidaires. Despite the presence of United Nations Peacekeeping Troops, the international community did very little to intervene or quell the violence, which has left lasting social, economic, and political scars on the small African nation.

Paul Kagame, now President of Rwanda, led a Tutsi intervention force, the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), comprised of Tutsi refugees, to defeat the Rwandan Army and Hutu militias. Kagame ultimately established a unity government led by the Tutsi RPF political party. Hundreds of thousands of Hutus fled the country for fear of retribution, many fleeing to neighboring countries, including Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo). Many of the Hutus who fled were then, in turn, targeted by DRC militias, including M23, a militia backed until 2013 by Kagame’s government.

After the genocide, Rwanda was on the brink of total collapse. Of the survivors, women comprised 70 percent of the population, entire villages were destroyed, and social cohesion was in utter disrepair. This small African country of 12 million inhabitants, encompassing a geographic area roughly the size of Maryland, has made a remarkable economic turnaround over the course of the past two decades. The country now boasts intra-regional trade and service delivery, urban design innovation, and efficient transport links. It has positioned itself as an attractive destination for foreign investment and business ventures. Remarkably, there is free wifi on city buses in Kigali, the country’s capital!

We are truly happy that Rwanda is recovering from the gruesome events in the early 90’s however it is by no means fixed. There are many areas of Rwanda that still lack basic infrastructure, water, electricity and education. Like the Bugesera District where our nursery is being built. There is a need for education to give these kids a chance to make it in life.

Here are some pictures from the progress so farBuilt With Bitcoin

building schools

Built with bitcoin building schools

Built with bitcoin building schools

built with bitcoin building schools


We would also like to share this heartwarming story.Margaret and Yusuf

This is Margaret and Yusuf. Yusuf is leading the project and Margaret is a local mother from Kasibege. Margaret came up to Yusuf and the team and brought with her a basket that was wrapped with a ribbon with the Rwandan flag colours.She said it was a valuable gift on behalf of her and the villagers for Zam Zam and Paxful coming together to build a school for their children. At this point, Yusuf was nervous, He doesn’t do well with gifts. She unwrapped the ribbon and lies there two chickens: one female one male. She said: “The female chicken represents Rwanda and the male chicken represents America. When the two chickens come together to mate, it will bring a baby into this world from both countries, build a family from both places.”  


We are going to continue this initiative and are aiming to have 100 schools built with bitcoin.

If you want to help out, donate to this address: 3Q5CESP85hhXTLSy2HDbSyNchb5Bi8D7ku