Conheça histórias inspiradoras sobre como usuários entraram no mundo cripto e como usam a Paxful.

Seja a mudança: Sonia

Conversamos com quatro pessoas de diferentes partes do mundo para saber como o bitcoin melhorou suas vidas. Saiba como Sonia construiu seu negócio de negociação.

1 min
be the change
Paxful appoint new CEO

Paxful Appoints Roshan Dharia As Interim Chief Executive Officer

Paxful have appointed Roshan Dharia as our new Interim Chief Executive Officer.

2 min
May 30, 2023

Why a “boots-on-the-ground” philosophy with Bitcoin helps everyone win

It’s time to forget price and speculation. Here’s why taking a more people-focused approach with Bitcoin can benefit everyone.

3 min
February 13, 2023
Story of Kembety

How a Nigerian Trader Is Leading the Charge for Women in Bitcoin

Nigerian Expert Trader Betty Oluwakemi updates us on her Paxful journey and encourages women to get started with Bitcoin to attain financial freedom.

3 min
March 24, 2022
Ray Q&A

Ray Q&A: On the Road to Bitcoin Adoption: La Casa Del Bitcoin

Ray shares his thoughts on the newly launched La Casa Del Bitcoin in El Salvador which provides free & accessible learning opportunities around Bitcoin.

4 min
February 2, 2022
Changing the Fashion Industry With Crypto

How Two Brothers are Changing the Fashion Industry With Crypto

Paxful Peers Muyideen and Mubarak Sulaiman are using crypto to financially empower Nigerian fashion models. Read their success story here.

3 min
October 12, 2021
Nigerian Peers & Brothers Empower Community Through Bitcoin

How Two Nigerian Brothers Empower Their Community Through Bitcoin

Read the inspiring story of brothers & Paxful Peers Mubarak & Muyideen and how they gave back to their community with the help of Bitcoin.

3 min
August 13, 2021
Why Young People Should Get Into Crypto

Here’s Why Young People Should Jump Into the Crypto World Right Now

Crypto may be an investment opportunity for many, but for others like Paxful Peer Ishaq, it’s a means of survival. Read about his journey here.

3 min
July 6, 2021
6 Rewarding Reasons Why You Should Become a Paxful Peer

Here are 6 Rewarding Reasons Why You Should Become a Paxful Peer

Earn BTC, win prizes, and boost your credibility when you join the Paxful Peer Program. All that and more await you when you become a Peer!

4 min
May 27, 2021
Crypto for Moms How a Nigerian Peer Encouraged His Mother to Trade Bitcoin

Crypto for Moms: How a Nigerian Peer Encouraged His Mother to Trade Bitcoin

Getting your parents into crypto can be easy. Read this heartwarming story of a Nigerian Peer who got his mom into Bitcoin and how it’s paid off for them.

3 min
May 24, 2021
be the change

Be the Change: Sonia

We’ve talked to four people from all over the world to learn how Bitcoin has improved their lives. Meet Sonia & hear how she built her trading business.

1 min
May 3, 2021

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