Product, product, and more product. One of the main focuses here at Paxful is making sure our platform is always in incredible shape. Protein shakes, two-a-days, hot yoga—you name it. We kid. But it’s no secret that our product and development team is working tirelessly to ensure a hassle-free experience for all of our customers. Here’s a quick rundown of some updates you might have missed.

Add a note to wallet transactions

Communication is key. We know trading digital currencies is a delicate science and the last thing we want is for anything to be unclear. Improving the way customers converse with one another is high on our list of priorities, which is why we’ve made it possible to add a note on the wallet and transaction pages. This means you’ll be able to attach a note to wallet transactions, including external and internal deposits.

Country-specific payment methods

We pride ourselves on having great offers from around the world, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to look for the perfect one. That’s why we placed ourselves in your shoes and put extra thought into the process. Now, you’ll be able to filter out country-specific payment methods in offer listings and decide what you’d like to see first. That means customers who want to see offers for their residing country will see those offers first in the list. For example USD offer for Nigeria bank transfer is at the end of listing for a person visiting from Europe.

A constantly improving API

Paxful’s API is quickly becoming the bread and butter of our platform. We’re always putting our heads together to come up with ways to improve performance and provide seamless experiences. Most recently, we added a feature making it possible to obtain a trade partner’s country and phone carrier. This function will be a big help in weeding out suspicious users and new accounts created by blocked users. Be on the lookout for it in your future trades!

No more watermarks for verified vendors

If you’ve traded on Paxful before, you’ll know that images sent during a trade are watermarked. As is often the case, it’s something we implemented to ensure safe trading. However, we’re happy to announce that all images sent in the trade chat will be watermark-free 24 hours after the trade is completed for all vendors who have completed ID verification. You’ll be free to save the photos as you please.

Spend and sell your bitcoin

Some of our eagle-eyes users may have already noticed that we changed “Sell Bitcoin” button to “Spend Bitcoin” on our homepage. In the future, we plan to provide you with a number of different ways to use your BTC. You are still and will always be able to sell your bitcoin by clicking on the “Spend” button and this will never change. Be on the lookout for the option to spend your bitcoin on goods and services, coming soon!

More awesome updates are on their way so be on the lookout and remember to follow us on social media for all the latest Paxful news!