The past few months have been nothing short of amazing for the crypto community. With all-time highs and increased adoption, Paxful welcomed many new users from all over the world.

To make sure our users have plenty of opportunities, our team is constantly ideating, innovating, and improving our platform. Here are some game-changing product updates from the first quarter of the year.

Ethereum Introduced on Paxful’s Website and Mobile App
Users can now convert ETH from BTC or USDT,  buy and sell ETH on the Paxful marketplace, and make both internal and external transfers using ETH.

Free Internal Sendouts
Starting on April 1, Paxful users will be able to send up to 1,000 USD worth of cryptocurrencies from your Paxful Wallet to other Paxful Wallets for free each month. Once the limit has been reached, users will be charged a fee of 1 USD worth of crypto or 1% of the amount being sent (whichever is greater).

Paxful Developer Portal
We made some exciting updates to our dev portal. Check it out here: This will unleash the creativity of developers and they’ll be able to build applications on top of our APIs. Paxful is the only crypto platform where this is possible!

Featured Offers
Offers from reliable traders on our platform will be highlighted on the buy and sell pages with a purple color. You can find more information about featured offers here.

featured offer en

Native Marketplace Functionality on the Mobile App
Users will have the opportunity to search for and filter offers on our marketplace, view specifically listed offers, upload gift cards for automated trades, and view public profiles right on the mobile app. These features are in beta testing and will be available really soon. Stay tuned!

Paxful Users Can Buy Bitcoin From Lantern
Paxful users will now be able to purchase Bitcoin using all 350+ of our payment methods on Lantern, the biggest VPN in China through the Paxful widget.

Improved Marketplace Security
We’ve introduced automatic responses for any attempts made to steal user accounts via social engineering techniques in trade chats. Our users are protected from scammers who may send phishing links in the trade chat.

New Payment Methods
With new payment options being added constantly, we’re getting closer and closer to 400 payment methods. Our users now have access to:

Paxful is for everyone. With new cryptos, easier ways to send money, additional payment methods, opportunities to earn, and so much more, we’re continuing to open doors for anyone, anywhere.

There are more exciting changes and platform updates coming your way soon so stay tuned!