2 Million App Downloads
The Paxful mobile app reached over 2 million downloads in May. We’re working on rolling out even more updates to the app soon, so be sure to keep an eye out. 

Tron USDT (TRC-20) Sendouts on Paxful
Tron USDT helps make withdrawing USDT more affordable with $0 network fees.
Next time you send USDT from your Paxful Wallet, you’ll have the option to choose between Ethereum USDT and Tron USDT. Check out our blog post for the full scoop.

New Corporate Account Application Flow
Paxful users who own businesses can now apply for a Corporate Account directly through the Paxful Register page.  

Canceling Trades as a Seller
If a buyer is unresponsive, sellers can now cancel a trade as long as the buyer has not viewed or entered the trade. This functionality is only applicable when the buyer is the owner of the offer.

Security Deposits on PayPal Offers
All users with accounts younger than 3 months are required to place a security deposit to activate their PayPal offers in the Buy section of the marketplace.

TrustPilot Reviews
After completing a trade on Paxful, users are now asked to leave a review of their trading experience on TrustPilot. We’re constantly improving thanks to feedback from our users, so be sure to leave us a review after your next trade.

Improved Design of the Paxful Homepage
Traders who both buy and sell crypto frequently can now easily switch between buy and sell offers with just one click by using the new dropdown menu.

Improved Search on Mobile
Thanks to the new native marketplace on the Paxful mobile app, users now can search for offers faster. We’ve also improved the trade page design to allow users to easily navigate and track their active and past trades.

Power and Expert Trader Badge Automation
We created a tool that will automatically apply badges to users who are eligible for the Paxful Trader Program. Since the rollout of this feature, 1,096 users received a Power Trader badge and 312 users received an Expert Trader badge.

We now have over 2,500 Power Traders and more than 570 Expert Traders!
You can learn more about the Paxful Trader Program here.

Paxful Rewards Program
We’ve added new perks and rewards to both the Trader and Peer Programs to create an even better experience. We’ve also created a Progress Bar so you can easily see what you need to do to reach the next level. 

Be on the lookout for more exciting updates coming your way this summer.