This month, we saw Paxful reach 5 billion USD in trade volume. It’s a huge milestone and we couldn’t have done it without all our users. As we continue to get your feedback, we’re going to keep making improvements to the platform to make trading easier and more convenient for everybody. 

With that being said, we’re excited to catch you up on some of the latest improvements to our product: 

💳 Swipe and Go With a VISA Crypto Debit Card

Our VISA debit card from BlockCard has been released to 2,815 active users in the United States. Want to get one for yourself? You can pre-sign up to get your crypto debit card here.

Having a crypto debit card will allow you to convert your crypto into USD and get 24/7 access to an online banking dashboard to manage your funds. 

💸 ID-Verified Users Receive ETH/USDT (ERC-20) Addresses

Enjoy zero fees for USDT deposits from external wallets with brand-new ERC-20 addresses!

📖Transaction History Made Easy on Your Main Wallet Page

Now, the 10 latest transactions you’ve made are available on your mail wallet page. No need to click around anymore, all the information on your latest send-outs and deposits is available for you to see right away.

🎫Redesigned Wallet Transactions Ledger

View your entire BTC address activity by verifying your ID on Paxful!

🌑 Dark Theme Support Is Now on Android

Is your Paxful mobile app on the Light Theme by default? You can now enable the Dark Theme on your Account screen on all Android devices.

🌐Users in the EU Zone Now Have SEPA in Their Offer List

We’ve added a new payment method for all our EU users: SEPA. Now, there’s no need to struggle when choosing a way to pay. It’s been added automatically and is now part of your wide payment arsenal. 

📄 A New Look for Pay With Paxful 

The number of merchants using Pay With Paxful is growing, and so is the number of people who are using it to pay for goods and services! In April, we had 2,334 engaged users who made over 20,000 transactions. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, check out Pay With Paxful today!

That’s it for now! Look out for more exciting product updates coming your way.