Here at Paxful, we provide first-class treatment for our first-class traders, which is why we’re upgrading the Power Trader badge, now with fewer requirements and even more benefits!

With this awesome new badge, you can:

⭐ Highlight your reliability on Paxful
Let fellow users know that you’re one of the best traders out there with a brand new badge on your profile.

⭐ Be the first to test out awesome new features
Get access to all-new Paxful products before anyone else and let us know what you think.

⭐ Feature your offers on the marketplace
Have your offers appear right at the top of the list so potential traders see them first.

⭐ Get priority attention from our customer support team
Got a problem that needs fixing? Our team will get right to it and get it sorted as quickly as possible.

⭐ Promote your sell offers in your region
Become the #1 trader in your area by creating great sell offers for your community and get a chance for them to be featured in your region.

⭐ Keep all the best benefits of being a Power Trader
Already a Paxful Power Trader? Don’t worry, you’ll keep all the best parts: instant disputes, no bond required for gift card offers, and higher margin limits. Your badge will also be automatically changed.

Looking to get that shiny new badge plastered on your trader profile? Here are a few requirements to take note of:

A verified account (ID + Proof of Address verified)

At least 250 total successful trades completed in the last 90 days

A good behavior score*

✅ Abide by our Terms of Service

Ready to become a Power Trader? All you need to do is trade. The more you trade on the platform, the better your benefits will be. Keep trading on Paxful and stay tuned for updates: more cool changes are coming along with a new rewards program, just for you. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

*Good behavior score is based on Paxful’s internal metrics evaluating users’ behaviors on the marketplace