We’re excited to announce the launch of an improved Paxful Peer Program. Along with an upgraded website, the revamped program has even more benefits and easier requirements. 

You can now earn more by bringing in new members Paxful. Grow your financial future with your peers, and come join the international Paxful family. 

Be Part of a Family

Updates to the Paxful Peer Program

Whether you’re new to the Paxful Peer Program or you’re a seasoned Peer, we’ve improved a few things. 

We updated the Peer Program website with a simplified layout. With this layout, the application guidelines and program rewards guidelines are more defined, so you know what to expect from us.

We’ve also added new perks to the program including more giveaways and opportunities to test new features. You also can have the chance to be featured on our websites. 

On top of these benefits, our support team will always be there for you. We will have a team member available to support your Peer Program needs at any time.

Join the new Paxful Peer Program

The updated Peer Program has three levels: Peer, Ambassador, and Associate. With every level, there is a number of new members you need to bring to Paxful.  

  • Peers (Level 1) – 7 new members
  • Ambassadors (Level 2) – 20 new members
  • Associate (Level 3) – 100 new members 

Once you reach your number of new members, you’ll unlock new perks. Paxful Peer Program members can enter regular giveaways and can even earn up to 150 USD (in BTC) every month when they reach the Associate level.

See our table below for more information on the various levels and earning possibilities. 

Awaken Your Inner Entrepreneur

How to Be an Active Member 

Being an active member of the Paxful Peer Program is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Apply for the program’s initial screening
  2. Have a quick meeting with Paxful Staff 
  3. Officially become a #PaxfulPeer (after we review your application)
  4. Bring new users to Paxful
  5. Earn financial perks 

*via Telegram, WhatsApp, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Note: Before applying, closely read our sign-up requirements. These keep us all safe.

  • Your account should be KYC-verified—both ID and proof of address;
  • Respect our Terms of Services and don’t have any severe violations;
  • Be eager to promote Paxful and the Peer Program on social media;
  • Have trading experience on our platform: you’ll need to bring in new users by explaining to them how to trade on Paxful;
  • Share your insights with us: we always listen to our Peers, it helps make our products better!

That’s it! Apply now to get started. 

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