May 23, 2019 — Developing a thriving bitcoin ecosystem is a major goal of the entire Paxful organization. We are seeking to enable people all around the world to obtain bitcoin in the easiest, most convenient means available to them. Bitcoin ATMs are one solution to help propel such an ecosystem.

Fortunately, Paxful was able to partner with one of the leading bitcoin ATM organizations in the US. CoinFlip has deep technical, managerial, and operational expertise around bitcoin ATMs. Based in Chicago, they have rapidly developed over the past three years, widening their reach and offering their customers 24-hour customer service.

The firm now has over 170 bitcoin ATMs operating nationally in 19 states. From the West Coast to the East Coast, from North to South, you will find CoinFlip ATMs.

The terms of this exciting partnership include Paxful listing and promoting CoinFlip ATMs under the “bitcoin ATM” payment method on Paxful platform. Additionally, we plan to help market CoinFlip ATMs through our social channels. By the same token, CoinFlip will make Paxful a preferred wallet and trading partner.

We sincerely look forward to this partnership growing and blossoming over time. Just as the Bitcoin ecosystem evolves, so will the strong relationship between Paxful and CoinFlip.