Recently, Paxful reached a major milestone of accumulating three million wallets around the globe and 15 million total trades across the platform in the past year alone! This would not have been possible without our users’ trust in cryptocurrency and their determination to build and grow communities on Paxful

Seeing that the demand and interest in crypto is anything but expanding in Colombia, Paxful partnered up with CoinLogiq to bring 20 new bitcoin ATMs to cities around Colombia, enabling bitcoin enthusiasts to take control of their own financial future despite political barriers to legalizing the cryptocurrency. One of these enthusiasts is Victor Lopez, a trusted vendor on Paxful with over 400 trade partners, 500 total trades, and zero negative feedback! We wonder how his trading journey has been, and what potential he sees in bitcoin. 

As a young 23-year-old entrepreneur, Victor shares many traits of a “millennial” who wants to create their own financial future, be the boss of their lifestyle and make an impact with their ability. He was born and grew up in the city of Cali, Colombia, where the party scene and welcoming people are what has kept, and keeps him in this vibrant city. 

Though, perhaps different from other Millennials, Victor actually had many doubts and took his time to learn the ins and outs of cryptocurrency before packing his bags and venturing into this new financial wonderland. 

When I got into the cryptocurrency business, I had many doubts and fears due to how little I knew about it by then, but with time and dedication, everything worked out and now I enjoy it a lot. In addition, financial freedom and time management it offers are incomparable.”

Exactly–trading bitcoin gives one the opportunity to work whenever and wherever they like, and access an international world of profits without having to overcome hurdles at traditional financial services. These are what Paxful strives to provide for our users, but how did Victor come to know about us? 

“I found out about Paxful from a friend who invited me several times, but because of the comfort zone I was living in, I didn’t want to accept joining until I decided to take his invitation, and get involved in the world of cryptocurrency trading, which at that time I didn’t know completely. Over time I gained confidence and met many people who are dedicated to the same thing. It is a pleasure to share and exchange information with them.”

Just like how it’s the welcoming people that keep Victor in his hometown Cali, it’s the collective, committed users that keep him trading on Paxful. And this Paxful identity is only going to grow bigger and sounder with our newly launched entrepreneur and global leadership Peer Program

When asked how Paxful could benefit the people in his city and what his eventual goal with bitcoin is, Victor expressed that Paxful has created a powerful union between different countries, which is vital to his personal development as the world is much more connected now. He hopes that with what he’s achieving with bitcoin and Paxful, he’ll be able to “help people achieve financial freedom, fulfill their dreams, and lead a life of comfort without wasting so many years in vain.”

It is truly our honor that Paxful has turned impossibility into the possibility for hundreds of thousands of our users. With our user base ever-growing, especially in developing countries, we thank committed entrepreneurs on our platform who believe in our mission and actively take part in making others’ dreams come true. We look forward to hearing more from our fans in the coming vendor stories!