When Modibe stood by the overflowing venue for Paxful’s campus tour in South Africa, he had no idea he’d be working full-time at Paxful half a year later—with a community under his lead. 

From coffee business owner to Bitcoin enthusiast

Before he began his journey in bitcoin, South African native Modibe studied geology and environmental management, and even owned a coffee business on the side. In 2016, he decided to take some cash out and bought bitcoin to pay for necessities and tuition fees, but he didn’t know much about the industry.

Modibe speaking at a conference

In May 2019, a friend of Modibe asked him if he’d like to help Paxful organize events in Africa. Although Modibe didn’t know much about Paxful then, he jumped at the opportunity and actively promoted Paxful’s campus tour events in Johannesburg.

The event turned out to be a great success! The venue was so packed that Modibe had to stand outside and even miss the free bitcoin giveaway—oh boy! 🤭

Paxful Campus Tour

A few weeks later, Modibe started recruiting African Peers for the Peer Program. In January 2020, he officially became Paxful’s full-time Africa Community Coordinator, representing Paxful at large blockchain conferences and signing partnerships!

Panel Discussion at Blockchain Africa Conference

Modibe representing Paxful at Africa’s largest blockchain conference

4 things about Paxful that Modibe loves 

Flexibility is a big one. In a company where hierarchy is flat, the sky’s the limit. Modibe has loved collaborating with various teams across the globe for campaigns and events. There are also no official “business hours” at Paxful—want to hit the gym after lunch? No problem. Need to work from home one day? Go ahead. As long as you get the job done, you have our trust.

Modibe at Paxful Campus Tour

Modibe at his first ever Paxful event

More importantly, Modibe loves Paxful because we care about people, not profits. Since 2015, Paxful’s offered the underprivileged and unbanked a way out of poverty through bitcoin trading. Especially for Modibe’s hometown South Africa where the unemployment rate is extremely high, trading bitcoin can be a promising alternative to drive income.

When Modibe was in Kenya for crypto events, he didn’t bring any Kenyan Shilling with him. Instead, he paid for food and transportation by selling BTC on Paxful because he knew how easy that is. By trading bitcoin on Paxful, he’s also saved on high exchange rates at the airport! (Thanks Modibe for this real life use case of our convenient and instant platform 😉)

Paxful Team at Rwanda for Built With Bitcoin

This probably goes without saying, but a company that’s determined to build 100 schools in emerging markets is one to be proud of working for. 

And that’s why we’re all here—join us.