Hey, everyone! Artur here. I hope you’re all keeping safe and hanging in there.

Many of us are working from home but our product team has been exercising their tech muscles and getting stronger every day. Here are some game-changing product updates that were added in May!

  • 🎁 The gift code check feature is available on seven types of gift cards. Users can automate their trading experience and set clear rules on how they want to trade.
  • 🥶 We’re happy to announce the fixed bitcoin price for an offer feature. You can now freeze the bitcoin price on an offer and avoid having to change the margin value, which means what you earn will always stay the same.
  • 🕵️‍♀️ The Trade Lite Page is finally available for every vendor on Paxful. It’s a great option if you trade using certain payment methods. Give it a try today!
  • 💬 Telegram notifications are here! Use the Telegram bot to stay up to date about all account activity. Activate the bot under your profile settings and you’ll start receiving notifications right away.
  • 🆔 KYC (ID verification) processes on Paxful are becoming smoother every day. Becoming verified on Paxful is now a seamless part of every new user’s journey. We’re always simplifying!
  • ✨ You may have noticed some updated designs on our platform. Check out the fresh new look of the homepage on our Android mobile app.
  • 📣 We’ve introduced some useful Webhooks for vendors who use Paxful API for everyday trading. With this feature, vendors will be notified about new incoming trades, trade messages, or file uploads directly in the trade chat.
  • 💰 Paxful Affiliates can now download their trade history to review how they earned their affiliate rewards. Don’t worry, no personal details will ever be shared.

We vowed to stay connected to the streets and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Your thoughts and opinions are so important in making Paxful a platform that is true for anyone, no matter who they are and where they’re from.

Until next time,

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